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President Trump to U.S. Marines “WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK” Speech



President Trump speaks at the Miramar Base to the Marine Corps. They were so excited to see the President, and it is great to see how much he cares about the military. We are thankful for the military and how they fight for our freedom in America! 

President Trump shares great words about our military. “You are always faithful to our country…your example inspires young Americans to someday wear the uniform. We support you; we thank you, we love you, we will always have your back as you have ours.”  We haven’t known of many presidents who have visited so many military bases. It is so important to have the military because they stand in the gap for us to keep our freedom.

We need to take care of our military, and President Trump is doing this exact thing. 1% of America serves to protect the other 99%. It is important for the military to know the Commander in Chief will fight for them. We want our military fully armed and equipped so they can continue to fight for our freedom. We thank God for our military. We want to hear from you and what your thoughts are towards our military and how President Trump is supporting them. Also shared in this segment: Battle, Faithful, USA, Allies, Courage. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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President Trump Delivers Remarks at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar
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