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There have been mighty moves of God throughout the landscape of our history that has touched many souls. One of these past moves of God was the Charismatic Movement that took place in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Charles Simpson recently spent time with VFNtv talking about his experiences during those special moments with the Lord. What took place in those days is going to begin to happen again in 2020.

When speaking with Pat Robertson on The 700 Club, Kenneth Copeland recently shared what the Lord revealed to him would be happening in the days ahead. “This will be a year when dreams and visions are greatly increased. And He said you’re going to see sons and daughters. He said there’s going to be an outstanding outpouring of My Spirit among our young people that hasn’t happened since the 60’s and 70’s…It’s just going to explode among our young people!” This is so exciting! It’s time to refocus our heart upon the harvest of souls that God releasing upon the nations of the world.

Can you imagine 1,000 people a week joining your church? This is EXACTLY what Rick Joyner has said would happen and what it would be like. Joyner emphasizes the important groundwork that we must begin to do now in order to be prepared to take in such a harvest. “We need to raise up hundreds of thousands of teachers. We need teachers ready to take new believers and get them established soundly on sound doctrine and make disciples, not just converts.” The staggering reality that Joyner continues to point out is the need to change how ministry is even carried out. “It is not going to work on the model of ministry that is now demonstrated in much of the Church. It’s like spectator sport. You pay your entry fee and come watch a few people do it every week. No! We’ve all gotta be engaged.” If we’re not focused on Jesus and what Jesus values, the soul of a person, that we are going to completely miss what He is doing in our generation! Jesus didn’t call us to make converts. He called us to make disciples; those who will say yes to Jesus, who follows Jesus, and follows the teachings of Jesus.

Be encouraged as you see the whole conversation and all of the prophetic insights that Kenneth Copeland was given by the Lord, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Holy Spirit, Outpourings, Charismatic Renewal Movement, Charles Simpson, prophecy, dreams, and visions, Kenneth Copeland, financial markets, currency, Holy Spirit, wisdom and revelation. Greg shared in this segment.

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Kenneth Copeland and the Future of America  

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