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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Heart of Nehemiah: The Battle Continues as You Build, but don’t let it STOP YOU; YOU WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT, (Part 4 of 13)

Heart of Nehemiah: The Battle Continues as You Build, but don’t let it STOP YOU; YOU WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT, (Part 4 of 13)


Moving past the Ridiculers, Mockers and Haters- They are just there to sow doubt

LISTEN NOW! Greg  and Pat continue to speak about a Ridiculing Mocking Spirit taken on by Sanballat.  This tactic is used by Lucifer and others whose tongues are set on fire by hell.  They continue to share with us how we need to get over the shock of those who are going to ridicule us.  The biggest test of all is when someone who walks with you or the least likely ridicule begins to be used.    You’ve got to be able to move on.   Remember that people are not what they are being attacked with.  Ask for grace and how to handle it.  They further discuss the need to be able to discern whether this is a spirit of Sanballat or Nehemiah.  What is Satan’s purpose with ridicule?   It is to fill you with doubt and to stop you.  It doesn’t mean it’s right if you see many people doing it.  Wrong is wrong.  One of the tools is to use governmental authority to question what you are doing while they themselves are in rebellion.  They questioned whether Nehemiah was rebelling against the King.  They continue to encourage us that a true believer is not going to come against the church.  On the contrary Nehemiah did things the right way before the King which gave him great confidence.    Nehemiah replied in Nehemiah 2:20 “I answered them by saying, ‘The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding, but as for you, you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it.’”  If God has called you to do something; you can hold fast that God will bring it to pass.   If the hand of the Lord is upon you; you can speak to every doubter, hater and mocker that the God of heaven will bring us success.  If God be for you who can be against you?


The Sandy Irritation of Sanballat that comes against the plan of God with the goal of Destroying Unity by Sowing the Seeds of DOUBT
Everything written in God’s word is to encourage us.  We are like living stones being built together.  This is like a picture of the church coming together.  Nehemiah’s heart is the secret to rebuilding the walls of the church in America.  Many things have been done in the church in America; some good and some bad things must all be acknowledged.  What was done wrong before God must be acknowledged and repented of.  Nehemiah heard from the Lord and encouraged them to rebuild by their sphere of influence.  He assigned them parts of the walls near the homes.  It’s time for us to get busy.  Everything just doesn’t happen; there is process.  This is not about watching everybody do this.  You are going have to take responsibility  around your influence.  It’s not bout building buildings but instead about building people.  People are what is important; because if you don’t focus on people you will be caught up in rebuilding the building at the expense of God’s people.  They continue to discuss how just the hearing of this caused Sanballat and his crew to be upset.  They began to attack before they got started; and  it didn’t stop them; they even came back  to try to stop them again.  What did they actually say.? We live and move by faith.  We must not throw our faith away.  The enemy comes against your faith you must contend for it.  Sanballat comes to disintegrate your faith.  He began to sow seeds of doubt with the desired result of stopping them.  “What are these feeble Jews doing?” he asked. The enemy will focus in your limitations and inabilities to do what God has called you to do and if you listen you will go down.  If you are trying to do anything through your own strength then you are defeated already.  Our inabilities should be clearly visible before all so that the Lord will get all the glory.  If you take inventory of your strengths instead of putting your faith in God you will go down.  Sanballat goes further to question whether the walls will ever be rebuilt.  The enemy will continue to sow doubt to drown you out. 

Sanballat sows seeds of Doubt


Sanballat continues to do his very best at attacking Nehemiah by asking more questions to so doubt such as “will they offer sacrifices?”.  This is scary to Lucifer because he wants the money.  He realizes that they are going to lose their money because God will be honored.  He continues to sow more doubt.  “Will they finish it in a day?”  They begin to put rulers on you trying to measure what God is going to do.  Don’t worry about it; just work.  Know the vision because people without a vision perish.  “Can they bring the stones back to life?”  How many people have been so hurt and burned?  1 Peter 2:5 says “you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”  Yes, Sanballat, what God has called us to do will happen and the walls of the church’s in America will be rebuilt. 

Torch Articles on Each Part:

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  2. Heart Of Nehemiah Know The SEASON, Ground Work For VISION, & CONFRONTING RIDICULE When Your Building (Part 2 Of 13)
  3. Heart Of Nehemiah: Time To Get On The FIELD & SPEAK The Same Vision, DON’T Let Them STOP You (Part 3 Of 13)
  4. Heart Of Nehemiah: The Battle Continues As You Build, But Don’t Let It STOP YOU; YOU WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT, (Part 4 Of 13)
  5. Heart Of Nehemiah: Government Leadership STUCK, Because Church Leadership STUCK, Chuck Pierce (Part 5 Of 13)
  6. Heart Of Nehemiah: FINISH THE WORK! The Importance Of Completing The Work Till The Last Brick (Part 6 Of 13)
  7. Heart Of Nehemiah: Staying Faithful In Low Places, Being Sure They Too Are Built Up (Part 7 Of 13)
  8. Heart Of Nehemiah: Strategy From Heaven, Requires Building & Fighting To Succeed (Part 8 Of 13)
  9. Heart Of Nehemiah: Your Enemy Will FREAK OUT! And BEWARE Of What You SHARE! Part (9 Of 13)
  10. Heart Of Nehemiah: You Can’t Live Off The Repentance Of OTHERS (Part 10 Of 13)
  11. Heart Of Nehemiah: Heart Alignment And Acceptance Of The Leadership Of Jesus Part (11 Of 13)
  12. Heart Of Nehemiah: The BLAME GAME Doesn’t WORK, But Abiding With The Lord Does! Part (12 Of 13)
  13. Heart Of Nehemiah: Don’t Allow Someone IGNORING GOD Stop You From OBEYING GOD (Part 13 Of 13)

*we suggest listening to all segments for complete context


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