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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Heart of Nehemiah: POWER of True Repentance, what it looks like & FAVOR that comes with it (Part 1 of 13)

Heart of Nehemiah: POWER of True Repentance, what it looks like & FAVOR that comes with it (Part 1 of 13)


LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss Nehemiah’s heart; the secret to rebuilding the walls of the church in America.  They continue to discuss how there is nothing more beautiful than true repentance.  It’s not just about saying you are sorry and that’s it.  True repentance causes us to do something and to change.  They further discuss the importance of knowing the season that you are in so that you can respond appropriately.  They continue to speak how God is just looking for someone to stand in the gap.  Nehemiah was that man that was willing to stand in the gap because he had the heart of God.   There must be a people not only willing to stand in the gap but also a people who are ready to get right.  If you are not willing to work without complaining, can’t function in marriage the way God sees it, and can’t honor leadership you are not ready for the deliverance that Nehemiah brings.  

When Nehemiah found out about the condition of Jerusalem and how the walls were broken down and the gates were burned he was broken which resulted in him entering a time of mourning, fasting, and praying.  When Nehemiah prayed to God he personally identified with the sins of his countrymen and confessed sins for them and himself.  Nehemiah was a man who was truly broken at the same time full of compassion.  He worked as cup bearer for the King and because he did his job with such excellence that the King was able to notice Nehemiah’s frown.  Today the church is in the same condition; her walls are broken and her gates are burned.  Where are the Nehemiah’s that are broken over her condition?  Where are the Nehemiah’s that are mourning because only 3% percent of the church is actually honoring God with their tithes, or mourning that only 19% of believers according to the Barna Group read the Bible or the fact that many are running to those who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear?  They further discuss how it is okay to feel broken for the things that break God’s heart as well as the grace to feel it once He reveals His heart to us.  You need to do whatever you need to do; to do what God has called you to do.  God’s heart is often ignored resulting in God’s people being in bondage.  Once we become like Nehemiah we feel the pain of God’s heart and enter into mourning, fasting, and repentance then we can begin to bring God’s people on a path back to righteousness.  Nehemiah was not just willing to deal with his own sin but the sins of his father as well.  God is looking for those Nehemiah’s who have compassion; feeling sorry about a situation and doing something about it.  Nehemiah was before the King and the king noticed how he was sad because Nehemiah probably did not come into the King’s presence sad and downcast.   They further discuss that although Nehemiah worked for an oppressive government that did not affect how he would work with excellence.  Many can learn much from Nehemiah and how he conducted his works that he was so good at his job the King was compelled to hear what plagued Nehemiah’s heart mainly that his land laid in ruins.  Nehemiah’s integrity and authenticity touched the King’s heart to ask Nehemiah how long he needed, essentially what was his plan.  They continue to discuss that having the heart of Nehemiah didn’t just include, mourning, fasting, brokenness and prayer but that it included a strategic plan to bring God’s people out.  We must pay attention to what God is saying.  It is difficult if you are fighting for what you want instead of what He wants.  O Lord gives us Nehemiah’s heart.

Aeschylus once wrote:

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget

falls drop by drop upon the heart,

until, in our own despair,

against our will,

comes wisdom

through the awful grace of God.


Torch Articles on Each Part:

  1. Heart Of Nehemiah: POWER Of True Repentance, What It Looks Like & FAVOR That Comes With It (Part 1 Of 13)
  2. Heart Of Nehemiah Know The SEASON, Ground Work For VISION, & CONFRONTING RIDICULE When Your Building (Part 2 Of 13)
  3. Heart Of Nehemiah: Time To Get On The FIELD & SPEAK The Same Vision, DON’T Let Them STOP You (Part 3 Of 13)
  4. Heart Of Nehemiah: The Battle Continues As You Build, But Don’t Let It STOP YOU; YOU WIN IF YOU DON’T QUIT, (Part 4 Of 13)
  5. Heart Of Nehemiah: Government Leadership STUCK, Because Church Leadership STUCK, Chuck Pierce (Part 5 Of 13)
  6. Heart Of Nehemiah: FINISH THE WORK! The Importance Of Completing The Work Till The Last Brick (Part 6 Of 13)
  7. Heart Of Nehemiah: Staying Faithful In Low Places, Being Sure They Too Are Built Up (Part 7 Of 13)
  8. Heart Of Nehemiah: Strategy From Heaven, Requires Building & Fighting To Succeed (Part 8 Of 13)
  9. Heart Of Nehemiah: Your Enemy Will FREAK OUT! And BEWARE Of What You SHARE! Part (9 Of 13)
  10. Heart Of Nehemiah: You Can’t Live Off The Repentance Of OTHERS (Part 10 Of 13)
  11. Heart Of Nehemiah: Heart Alignment And Acceptance Of The Leadership Of Jesus Part (11 Of 13)
  12. Heart Of Nehemiah: The BLAME GAME Doesn’t WORK, But Abiding With The Lord Does! Part (12 Of 13)
  13. Heart Of Nehemiah: Don’t Allow Someone IGNORING GOD Stop You From OBEYING GOD (Part 13 Of 13)

*we suggest listening to all segments for complete context

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