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WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program First Hour June 3, 2015





Jesus FIX IT Prayer – and the Power and Glory of God


When an emergency happens in the stands of a high school graduation, one young high school graduating senior is asked to stand up and pray. Christian Crawford’s willingness and words of boldness have erupted in viral encouragement for many needing prayer for their own situation. As a result, the faith of many are being lifted up and encouraged!



This brings a stirring reminder of the life of William Seymour and how God used him to bring about a powerful move of God, known as the ‘Azusa Street Revival’, named as such for the gatherings took place on a California st, ‘Azusa St’. William Seymore was a one-eyed African American man who was hungry for a move of God in 1906. After being rejected in basically every encounter he had, he simply rented a room in a house, and began to fast and pray for God’s presence to come in a mighty way. God’s presence did come; so powerfully that the increasing crowds that gathered on the porch of this home, grew so rapidly that it caused the porch to collapse, driving Seymour to find another location to gather. A building on Azusa St that served as a horse barn/stable was decided to fit the needs.

 A pinnacle highlight of this move of God was how young people were used so mightily and the creative miracles that were done; ie teeth growing back, and complete limbs growing back. These testimonies mirror some of the dreams and visions that God is giving in our present days. One in particular is of a young teenage girl who shares the gospel to an auditorium of people and begins to pray and lay hands on those who are present. What happens next causes crowds and crowds of people to fall helplessly to the ground; the power of God fills the room. In the midst of these encouraging realities, people running and crying out for the glory of God, there are also those who plot and scheme when God’s presence breaks out. These are the days that are ahead of us. Be greatly encouraged and stirred as you see what is beginning to happen in this present generation, what God has shown us is to come, how we can prepare to be involved, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: dreams, visions, Third Great Awakening, Azusa St Revival, high school graduation, prayer, boldness, Holy Spirit, young people, creative miracles, hump in back, wheel chair, religion, persecution, and joy. Greg and John shared in this segment.






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