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WATCH! VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program Second Hour June 9, 2015




Israel and Saudi Arabia Partnering to Come against Iran’s Nefarious Plans to Take over the Middle East?


    According to CBN, Israel has revealed that it has met 5 times within the last 18 months with Saudi Arabia concerning the threat of a nuclear Iran. This is a stark contrast to the American chair that is seated at the negotiating table being filled by Secretary of State John Kerry for a nuclear capable Iran. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia view a nuclear Iran as a “threat to their existence”.God has revealed a detailed dream about the outcome to the election of John Kerry as America’s Secretary of State and how it affects Christians and the Jews. It is not good.


While meetings and realities such as these are taking place, what often is not being talked about, is how Israel is being a blessing to the nations of the world. The Israelites were initially presented with a land that was mostly desert when they were led there by Moses. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee, Israel has dramatically shifted its economy with their advances and entrepreneurial developments in the water industry. You will be shocked and surprised as to how and what Israel is doing that others would describe as an impossible situation.


Be greatly encouraged as you see the perspective of Israel that the world is not talking about, God’s perspective, and how we, as the Church, can support Israel in this critical hour, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Israel, Saudi Arabia, nuclear negotiations, Iran, Made in Israel, drip irrigation, desert, faucet, 90 minutes, miracles, curses, and blessings. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Israel Blessing the WORLD with Water

    Over 2,000 years ago, when Moses led the Israelites, they found themselves in a dry parched land that was mostly a desert. In a revealing series, CBN, brings to light a reality of Israel that some may not be aware of and the reality of how the Israeli people are not only blessed, but how they are being a blessing to the world.


Israel is literally changing the face of the landscape of Israel with entrepreneurial developments like drip irrigation and its pioneering results in desalinization with 450 million cubic meters of drinkable water a day. This may not seem like a significant reality; but when you take into consideration that it comes from salt water, The Mediterranean Sea, it changes the reality of how Israel views salt water and how the Israel people receive their water supply. “With the process of “Seawater Reverse Osmosis”, water can go from the ocean to the faucet in less than 90 minutes.” This is just one of the many ways that Israel is revolutionizing how nations are responding to water needs. In fact, it is developments such as these that are shared and used in over 40 nations worldwide.


Watch and see these profound developments that are taking place in Israel, how fisherman are finding fish in the desert, how African villages are learning from Israel, how Israel is boosting its crop output while reducing its water usage, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Made in Israel, blessings, Abraham Isaac and Jacob, California and repentance.

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 High School Student Suspended Three Times for sharing the Gospel Wins Court Case: First Amendment Freedom of Speech

    There are many reasons that a student can face disciplinary action and be suspended from school; fighting, profanity, etc.; But, preaching? High school student, Michael Leal, has not only been suspended once, not twice, but three times from his high school for preaching and sharing tracts while at school. As Leal shares his own testimony, he reminds us of the powerful reality with these words, “Some people speak about other things, I speak about God. But, in the end, we’re all speaking and we all have that freedom of speech, and I think it’s important that we all have free speech.”


There is a tenacity that we must get in the face of opposition, regardless of what or who comes against us, when we are simply speaking the true words of Jesus, in love. If we are not speaking with the same driving force as Leal expresses, we have to ask ourselves, “What is keeping me from speaking?” “What am I afraid of?” Be greatly encouraged and stirred as you hear these important and provoking words from Leal, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: high school suspension, free speech, Constitution, the Pacific Justice Institute, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, boldness, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Prophetic Dream Wind of the Spirit Blows and a coming Move of God


    Amidst such calamity and negative words that the world is promulgating, we can be greatly encouraged by hearing what the Lord is saying in regards to the days that are upon us. When one man was given a dream, he was shown a red parachute that was flapping violently in the high winds. As his sight shifted from the parachute to the ground, he saw a man holding on with all his might to the straps of the parachute, bracing himself knowing that the parachute was about to catapult him from the safety of the ground to the limitless skies. Another man was seated on the floor of a plane only to propel himself out, skydiving and soaring like Superman through the sky. Suddenly, there were words that brought a new direction, “Everything has changed. This is a new horizon.”


Allow these words and visualizations to bring you a stunning hope for what is about to come, a resounding wind of the Spirit to move across your life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: parachute, mountains, skydiving, covenant, Genesis, baby, birthing, born, new horizon, dreams and visions, hope, and The Holy Spirit. John and Greg shared in this segment.







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