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Get Value Based Vision Management: The way to Manage Your Life


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LISTEN NOW! We receive more information in a day than our great grandparents possibly received in a lifetime.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss how we need to cut all this information down to what matters most.  Much of the Church is saying they don’t have time to abide with God in the morning before heading to work to the job God gave them, in the a car God provided them so they can pay for the home God blessed them with and everything else they have.  The truth is you can’t manage time but what you can manage is your vision based upon your values.  Often times what matters most in your life is being compromised by what matters the least.  We only have one life and we will give an account for what we did with the time God has given us.  It’s time to seize the moment, get vision, live within your values, and manage the events in your life and produce fruit in keeping with your vision and values.  There will be a time when others will lead you by your hand but until then it’s time to live our lives before God by walking out value based vision management. 

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