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Home » How to Prepare for the Storms in Life

How to Prepare for the Storms in Life

John, Pat, and Chris share that just how it takes much effort, time, and expenses to rebuild physical structures and home Matthew 7:24-28 shares with us the cost we will have to pay, when we have not built on a solid foundation in our personal lives.  People are facing all kinds of storms in their life, from job loss, failed marriages, economic, loss of loved ones and loss of houses  just to name a few.  God’s word speaks clearly to us on how we can survive the storms of life that threatened to destroy us and break us into pieces.  It all begins with making Jesus the Lord of your life and then it’s not just enough to hear God’s word but to put into practice and do what He tells us to do.  An abiding relationship is essential to making it through the storms of life.  For a simple plan for storm preparation go to iAbide and request it for free.


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