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How Turn Back to God

 John and Pat share that many today know that something is missing in their life and many are coming to the realization that what is missing is God.  They share one account found in 1 Samuel7:1-7 where the Israelites mourned not having the Ark of God for twenty years.  Samuel, God’s prophet, shared with them important instructions that still serve us well today on how to turn back to God.  They continue to share another account in God’s word found in 2 Chronicles 33 where Manasseh King of Judah, paid no attention to God’s voice and as a result Manasseh faced serious ramifications.  However, in his captivity, after he lost the Kingdom, he sought the Lord.  The lord heard him, forgave him and restored to him his kingdom.  John, Pat, and Chris encourage us to turn our hearts to God now, while we still can.  God loves us and has a plan for our life but we must turn to him, repent, and serve him wholeheartedly.


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