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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/07/12

VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/07/12


 LISTEN NOW! Remembering Pearl Harbor

Greg, John, and Pat take time to remember and discuss the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked our Navy killing over 2,400 service men resulting in President Franklin D Roosevelt saying this day will live infamy and the United States declaring war on Japan and entering WWII.  They continue to share how times have changed and discuss how back then we were able to easily identify our enemy and today those lines have become more difficult to distinguished.  So much is happening today in terms of wars and uprisings such as what has been happening in the Middle East with Syria, Egypt, Hamas and Israel and the face of radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.   We are living in very dangerous times even seeing the potential of chemical weapons released over the Syrian people, potentially affecting Israel and U.S. soldiers if dispatched to the region.  All of this is happening as the unfolding of prophecy is almost daily and our President will be away on a 3 week vacation off the mainland while there is great risk of our soldiers, if committed will be in great harm.  They continue to ask VFNRadio listeners to pray the Lord give our President wisdom as well as for the church to wake up.

     Raising the Debt Ceiling Like Raising Credit Limit on a Maxed Credit Card
Greg, John, and Pat talk about the debt ceiling and how the President allegedly requested authority to increase the debt ceiling on his own.  They share an analogy of someone going to the store to make a purchase on a credit card that is maxed out.  Of course the clerk tells them that you are over your limit and declines their purchase.  The person then calls their credit card company to ask that their debt limit be increased so they can continue to spend more.  This is exactly what is happening with the federal government today.  Our President is asking to borrow 1.5 billion dollars and continue to increase our national debt which is now 16 trillion dollars.  Even a teenager knows that if given unlimited amount of debt to acquire the end is destruction.


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