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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/12/12


LISTEN NOW! Mark of the Beast: Is there an app for that?

Greg, John and Pat discuss about how rapidly technology is growing and advancing.  Allegedly in the next 25 years they will have created a computer device the size of a blood cell. They continue to discuss author, Rat Kurzeil and his new work of creating computers that think like a human.  It was said that there is a day coming when you will go to turn off your computer and the computer will talk back and say, please don’t I will be lonely.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss that this day is already here with so many people addictively connected to their electronic devices.  The deeper we go in technology, the harder it will be to live without it.  The more we rely on technology to do everything for us, the dumber we become since we are no longer involved in the thinking process.  They continue to share that it is okay not to know everything.   They share this is why they have tirelessly labored to connect as many people to God through an abiding relationship as they can through God’s grace.  Although the world may grow in knowledge, what they will desperately need is wisdom.  Abiding with the Lord will give you both when you need to know it.

     Oregon Mall Shooting
Greg, John, and Pat share about the Oregon mall shooting that killed 2, wounding a third and the shooter himself.  Allegedly the gunman in rage shot mall shoppers at random.  They share their condolences for those who have lost their lives.  They continue to speak about how the affect video games have on young people today.  Games like, grand theft auto that show random killing of people.  Although President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and U.S Ambassador, originally said that a poorly made movie was the result in the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.  There has been no outcry by neither of them to call for a boycott of these violent video games.  Where is the President on this?  When the Colorado shooting occurred, there was a call to remove guns but no call to stop making movies that kill people.  Bob Costas was another voice in calling for gun control when NFL player murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself.  However, just last week when a Dallas Cowboy player who was driving while intoxicated killed his teammate in a car accident, Bob Costas was silent and did not call to stop selling alcohol or stop selling cars.  You see it wasn’t’ the alcohol, or the car that killed the football player it was the reckless decision of someone else who made the choice to drive while intoxicated.  People are responsible for the choices they make.




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