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Home » VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/14/12

VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour 12/14/12


LISTEN NOW! The Real Christmas Story

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the real Christmas story.   They share with just 11 days left before we celebrate Christmas how it must have felt for Mary and Joseph when they found out there was no room in the Inn.  Our Lord and Savior was born in barn and slept in a manger.  A powerful day with shepherds and wise men coming to see the miracle birth.  Christmas, a day and season to celebrate Jesus.

2013 The Year of the Harvest
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how this is the year of the harvest.   They share that according to statistics 95% of professing Christians haven’t lead one believer to the Lord.  They encourage the church to be awake and get in the harvest.  Join those who are ready to set others free from their captivity.  Greg invites those who are ready to go into the harvest to contact him at

You Can Adjust

Greg shares a humorous moment about taking his family camping all the way to the Grand Canyon.  This was quite an adventure with lots of laughs.  One thing is for sure no matter what comes your way; you can adjust.  Find out more about this humorous story and how you can make adjustments for the days ahead.


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