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Home » Who can discern his errors?

Who can discern his errors?


LISTEN NOW! In this abiding moment John, Greg, and Pat discuss how one can discern his or her errors and sin.  Psalms 19:12-13 speaks to who can discern his errors and asking God to forgive from hidden faults.  John continues to share the importance of abiding and for the church to function as family.  God who searches our hearts will help us to discern our errors and hidden faults and sins when we abide.  As believers we are on a spiritual journey to grow and mature in our walk with God.  As we abide and spend time with the Lord reading his word, praying both talking and listening to God He will reveal to us what we need to know.  The other way we can be kept from sin is when the church functions as family and when brothers, sisters, and spiritual fathers in the Lord help us on our journey.

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