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Let’s not Get tired of “Doing Good”


LISTEN NOW! Pat, John, and Chris discuss Galatians 6:9-10 encouraging us not to get tired and weary of doing good.  Pat shares about an account that happen to him this week when he was running an errand at a supply store.  He was focused on his task and determined to get in and out of the store as quick as he could.  However, as he was waiting at the check out line he saw and elderly couple.  What appeared to be the elderly woman’s husband was holding and propping his wife up. All of Pat’s time constraints when out the window as he was compelled to go over and help them.  He helped the gentlemen by walking his wife out to the car as she was able to move very slowly.  Pat was amazed that the woman was even out of the home in her conditions.  They continue to remind us to slow down to the pace of love.  That with all the technological advances designed to save us time we still say we are busy.  They encourage us to look for opportunities to do good for others especially the elderly and those who are less fortunate.  


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