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VFNRadio Broadcast First Hour March 14,2013


New Pope: Francis

John, Pat, and Chris discuss the recent election by the Catholic Church of its first Latin American pope, Pope Francis I.  They encourage us to pray for the new Pope as he is the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.
Google Concedes they VIOLATED privacy
John, Pat, and Chris discuss how Google conceded that they violated privacy of United States citizens when 38 States Attorney Generals took the company to court.  According to the NY Times Google acknowledged that during its Street View mapping project they “casually” scooped up passwords, emails and other personal information form unsuspecting computer users.  They continue to connect the dots between the importance of protecting our 4thAmendment right to privacy and the access companies and U.S. government has had to personal electronic data and information of U.S. citizens.
First Lady  and President Obama place Family first over Socializing
John, Pat, and Chris share our First lady Michelle Obama’s most recent remarks about her family.  Mrs. Obama responded to some criticism that she and the President don’t socialize enough in Washington.  Michelle was very clear that she and Presidents number one job is their family and with the pressures that come with the White House they prefer to spend whatever spare moment that have with their two girls.  John, Pat, and Chris appreciate Mrs. Obama and the President’s decision to put their families first over their career and encourage others to do the same.
Jesus wants that One thing too- Giving it all to Jesus
John and Pat discuss from Luke 18 the rich young ruler that encountered Jesus.  They share how the rich ruler asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life.  He shared with Jesus a list of the commandments he kept yet Jesus told him he still lacked one thing.  In order to go on with Jesus you have to give up everything you can’t hold on to anything that will get in the way of you following Jesus.  What you let go of and what you hold on to will determine what you will get out of your walk with the Lord.  Hold everything else loosely and hold on to Jesus tightly.


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