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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour March 7,2013



      Eliminating Tomorrows Regrets Today
Many people mostly only have two regrets when they are about to pass from this life to the next.  As Christians we’re not supposed to have regrets or to fear death for we overcome this adversary by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and we do not fear death.  The two regrets normally are:  1) I wish I would have done more for my family because I am about to leave them.  2)  I wish I would have done more for God because I am about to see Him.
     Mark of the Beast: Is there an app for that?
Greg, John and Pat discuss about how rapidly technology is growing and advancing.  Allegedly in the next 25 years they will have created a computer device the size of a blood cell. They continue to discuss author,Ray Kurzeil and his new work of creating computers that think like a human.  It was said that there is a day coming when you will go to turn off your computer and the computer will talk back and say, please don’t I will be lonely.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss that this day is already here with so many people addictively connected to their electronic devices.  The deeper we go in technology, the harder it will be to live without it.  The more we rely on technology to do everything for us, the dumber we become since we are no longer involved in the thinking process.  They continue to share that it is okay not to know everything.   They share this is why they have tirelessly labored to connect as many people to God through an abiding relationship as they can through God’s grace.  Although the world may grow in knowledge, what they will desperately need is wisdom.  Abiding with the Lord will give you both when you need to know it.
     VFN TORCH Top 3 March 7, 2013
John and Pat share about the Top 3 Stories on the VFN Torch on March 7, 2013:
        America will get it right with Israel Chuck Pierce says
Greg, Pat, and Steve share a prophetic word given by Chuck Pierce given in 2005 prior to the 2008 election where Chuck prophesied that the next President would be African American and how God was going to deal with racism.  Some of the things shared were Israel; anti-Semitism; Iran; President George W. Bush, Hurricane Katrina, FL Governor Rick Scott, Germany;2016; and repentance.


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