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Home » Murderer? Love is not an Option

Murderer? Love is not an Option


LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and Chris discuss a part of the first teaching Jesus delivered from the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus speaks on hatred and anger and how God sees it. He compares anger to murder. To hate our brothers or sisters is the same as murder. Hate is defined as, extreme dislike; intense hostility and aversion to… This is why the enemy tries so hard to offend believers, but we must look at the example Jesus gave to us; WWJD. The story in Genesis of Cain and Abel shows us what happens when we become offended, jealous or angry with are brother. Cain murdered his brother when God accepted his brother’s sacrifice over his own. God interceded between the two brothers and told Cain, “just do what’s right” however, Cain did not deal with his anger or jealousy and murdered his brother. Jesus said, a new commandment I give you, love one another. Love is not an option; it is not a gift but a fruit of the Spirit…We are to leave our gifts at the alter and reconcile ourselves to those we’ve sinned against or our gifts will not be accepted. God wants his children to get along; hate divides His family. Make every opportunity to stay in unity and in keeping the faith.

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