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Home » VFNRadio Program First Hour May 14, 2013

VFNRadio Program First Hour May 14, 2013


Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, Guilty in the Deaths of Three Babies

It was exciting to her that Kermit Gosnell an abortion doctor was found guilty on three counts of first degree murder of three babies born alive during botched abortions. God is answering our prayers. CBN reports that after an 8 week trial that Gosnell was convicted on three counts of murder and would give no comment on the Jury’s decision. The clinic was a house of horrors, says CBN. It was unclean and fetal body parts were found spread throughout including inside the break room refrigerator. Greg and Pat discuss how amazing how the blind eye has turned away from justice and share on a couple of teachings on, “No One Cries for Justice” and “We are Josiah”. We have joined our faith with many others including with Lou Engle from Kansas City IHOP, praying for thousands of hours, “Dear God end abortion and send revival”. What is exciting is that now other judges will have to begin to rule on similar cases the same way. Catherine David, Director of Minority Affairs – Georgia Right to Life, share a testimony with us from her experience of having an abortion back when it was 1stlegalized in New York in 1972. It was a horrific experience, she says. “I was heartless and selfish.


In Leviticus 18:21 God says to sacrifice our children is evil and it is done for personal gain. However, if we acknowledge that it is sin and repent God will forgive, heal, restore and use us. A voice was given to the voiceless because of the Constitution that gives every American no matter how young individual rights. A decision has been made by the jury. Future cases will have to take this court’s decision into account. You cannot snuff out murder. 


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