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Home » God Gives you the Word to have Access into someones Life

God Gives you the Word to have Access into someones Life


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how you have to ask permission to have access into one’s life.  They shared numerous examples of how people try to push their way into situations and into other people’s life without having permission.  They continue to give an example of an encounter they had with an aggressive sales person who continued to push through.  Greg recalls an incident that occurred when he was in the Navy and he remembers when a low ranking officer tried pushing himself on other service men and giving them directives when in fact they knew more than he did.  Greg continues to share that from time to time on the ship they had what was known as Zulu 5 Oscar training designed to prevent an intruder from getting on board.  This same officer thought that he would be able to successfully get on board only to find out that just within a few steps he was wrapped up in a headlock by fellow shipmates.  They further discuss how many people today force themselves into your life and they don’t even know you.  They also share an encounter they had with Leo and Sandy DeJesus on a prayer walk they went on in New Orleans.  A word of knowledge given to Greg opened the door to have access into their home and lives.  God will speak to us what we need to know and what we have to say.

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Tags: salesman, access, permission, Navy officer, enlisted, Zulu Five Oscar, sheep, wolves, relationship, peace, word of knowledge

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