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Home » Bono U2 Frontman; Response to Who Is Jesus ?

Bono U2 Frontman; Response to Who Is Jesus ?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss an interview with Bono; front man for the group U2.  He was asked “Who is Jesus?”  Bono replied that Jesus was not just a great thinker or great philosopher he was crucified because he said, he said himself that He was the son of God.
Bono further stated that he finds it hard to accept that all the millions of lives; half the earth has been touch and inspired by some “Nutter”. He was asked if he believes that Jesus died and rose from the dead and Bono replied “yes” and that he also prays to Jesus. The single most important thought in your life and single most important decision you have to make is who is Jesus to you and if he is the son of God and of course he is Be sure to give him your entire life.


Bono: Who Is Jesus?

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