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Home » Operation Blessing: A True Blessing to those affected by the Pensacola Floods

Operation Blessing: A True Blessing to those affected by the Pensacola Floods

Courtesy of Leonard Zhukovsky/

LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Dan, and Pat discuss how Operation Blessing is a blessing to those who have been affected by the floods that crushed Pensacola.  They continue to discuss  how after this storm that brought unprecedented rain fall to the area, 4 months of rain within 24 hours, Dan Moore, Director of Operation Blessing  had a disaster relief team in Pensacola within 24 hours.  Operation Blessing set up on 3100 West Desoto Street organizing volunteers and dispatching them to assist flood victims to clean up and assist with removal.    He speaks extensively how Operation Blessing is able to marry resources with volunteers to maximize help to victims of natural disasters.  Dan continued to share how Operation Blessing understands that ministry of presence brings hope and that’s what they aim to be, hope.  Greg continues to share how great it is to see Operation Blessingminister hope and help victims as a trusted source of help.  He goes on to share how many people come in during a disaster disguising themselves as help only to deceive people and take advantage of them.  Greg shares how many people have a desire to physically be able to volunteer but because of limitations are not able to and how they support recovery efforts through Operation Blessing.  Dan shares that the first thing and most important thing anyone can do is pray but then they can give financially.  Your financial help allows Operation Blessing to arrive to disaster areas within 24 to 48 hours rapidly bringing help to those who are in need.   Please consider giving financially to Operation Blessing Operation Blessing as they minister the hope and love of Jesus Christ through disaster relief around the country and world.


Slideshow of Operation Blessing Response in Pensacola, FL

Operation Blessing Flyer

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 FEMA Flyer Spanish

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