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Home » UCLA BRUINS – Promise not to GO on Free or Sponsor for Pro Israel Lobbying Trip

UCLA BRUINS – Promise not to GO on Free or Sponsor for Pro Israel Lobbying Trip

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent article in the Daily Bruin as they report that a majority of USAC candidates signed joint ethics statements  promising not to go on free or sponsored trips with certain pro- Israel  lobbying organizations.  They encourage candidates not to take a power position when you have to give up power before you get in.  They continue to discuss that when you tell people that you cannot go to Israel that is anti-Semitism which is really racism.  Where is the outrage?  If these same statements and petitions were aimed toward Muslims and encouraging people not to go to Mecca we can expect there we would be an outcry.  You just simply can’t write off Israel like that. This is exactly what happened at the Democratic National Convention when recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was taken out of their platform and booed when they voted to bring it back in.  This same evil still exist today.  We must have no part of anti-Semitism and anything that threatens Israel’s existence.

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