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Rev. Billy Graham Most Admired Man

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LISTEN NOW!Referred to as “America’s Pastor”, Reverend Billy Graham has again been named in the top 10 of the Most Admired Men. The Christian Post is reporting the significance of this specific poll is now the 58th time that Billy Graham has been placed in these ranks. We are not to be recognized by the gifts given to us by God, but by our character and how we live our lives. Jim Bakker was a man that endured his own personal trial and seasons of hardship and difficulty. At a low point in his life, he was surprised when, of all people that could have visited him, Rev. Billy Graham came to see and pray for him. Hear more of these heart felts truths, the difference between gifts and fruit, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Billy Graham, the Christian Post, Jim Bakker, Rick Joyner, I Was Wrong, Morningstar Ministries, demons, singing, and eternity. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.


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