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VFNtv & the Daily Radio Program Second Hour March 5, 2015



The Drop Box Movie: One Man’s Burden for Unwanted and Abandoned Children

   In a world of 7 billion people, there are unlimited amounts of injustices occurring, needs that are not met, etc. Where does one person even begin to start? How would we? A South Korean man, Pastor Lee was heartbroken as he witnessed countless babies who were unwanted being abandoned on the streets of Seoul. How he responded is not only changing the lives of the babies that he responds to, but it is also touching the lives of those who are hearing about his story. He established “The Drop Box”, a place where someone can leave their unwanted baby. Pastor Lee’s story is not just a reality in Seoul, South Korea, it has been made into a movie. Watch the full trailer, be encouraged to respond with compassion to what is around you in your very own life, and so much more.

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Franklin Graham Warns the Storm is Coming: The Storm of Islam! “We are in the Midnight Hour”

    The subjects and topics that are filling media and everyday conversation can be vast. One subject that is increasing throughout the world is the persecution against Christians and Jews. Gordon Robertson recently spoke with Reverend Franklin Graham in a CBN interview to discuss this rise of persecution. Some may not be aware, but the recent video that was broadcasted by ISIS to the world about the beheading of the 21 Christians was titled”A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross”. The nation they were referring to is America.

Franklin Graham echoes the warning of truth about persecution coming to America as he highlights the White House’s sympathy towards Islam and shares his perspective of the world wide events by stating, “I believe we are in the midnight hour as far as God’s time is concerned.” The reality of Radical Islam is clear in other parts of the world. When speaker of the White House, Josh Earnest was asked about the refusal to acknowledge Radical Islam, for some reason, his response was quite the opposite of clear.

As the church, we are not to be afraid of these evil acts of terrorism, nor should we be afraid of Radical Islam. This is our moment to stand up in boldness, in the face of evil, in the face of Jesus Christ, just as the Church did in the book of Acts, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations. That includes the nations in the Middle East. As you hear the powerful testimony of one man, previously a Muslim, now a Christian, it will encourage you to be bold with your faith. It is time to work while it is still day and be faithful with what Jesus Christ has given us, our voice. Hear the full interview with Franklin Graham, the testimony of one man’s encounter with Christ, and so much more.




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