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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » The School Revolution: Relooking at Education and Empowering others to Learn from

The School Revolution: Relooking at Education and Empowering others to Learn from



LISTEN NOW! or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Some can attest to the reality that where we are as a nation is not a good place. How has this happened? Changes have been made because decisions have been made. These decisions have come from those in leadership positions across all areas of our country. The leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. Leaders can greatly impact a nation; leaders like Abraham Lincoln; which memorials are constructed in order to remember the impact they had upon this nation. What many may not be aware of is that Abraham Lincoln was home schooled.
In an interview with Glenn Beck, Congressman Rand Paul discusses the imperativeness of our education system. It is easy to convince others that there is a problem with our current system. Simple truths about the structure of our government or the founding document of the Constitution are not known. What about home schooling? In his book, The School Revolution, Ron Paul proposes many feasible options to the broken education system that is currently being experienced in America. For those parents who are pursuing home schooling for their children they are experiencing the objections of “why don’t you just let the professionals do that”, “you don’t have a certificate”, or, “does that mean that I have to know everything?” Ron Paul shared that 20-25% of children need to be raised in home schools. When Ron Paul was interviewed on MSNBC, his views on home schooling were promptly objected. “If you want to get 20% being home schooled that’s going to mean a vast drop in the number of women in the workforce because it is women who are doing the home schooling. A lot of women can’t afford to give up their jobs. A lot of families can’t afford that.” This wasn’t even the point that Ron Paul was expressing at the time, but it highlights the urgency of where we are as a nation. Will we choose our careers over our children and continue on the road that we are experiencing in our nation? This is the very question that Glenn asks, “If we let one more generation go, if we let this generation, my generation, who has kids now, if we let this generation go without really instilling these values will we get freedom back?” This is the question that we must ask ourselves. Do we want to continue on the same road where we are expecting different results?
God has called us to disciple nations and raise them up. Education is a major part of that. In order for us to have healthy leaders of tomorrow, we must first have healthy sons and daughters. This only happens when we begin to pour into their lives with Kingdom values, teachings, and wisdom. Allow hope to rise at the potential of what can take place in our education and school systems across the nation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Congressman Ron Paul, home schooling, MSNBC, generations, college debt, loans, employment, unemployment, creativity, common core, Tim Tebow, character, and values. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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Glenn Beck & Ron Paul Discuss Homeschooling and ‘The School Revolution’
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