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Israel Must Have Defensible Borders

LISTEN NOW! There must be a critical understanding for Israel to have defensible borders. Some may not know the full scenario of what is taking place upon the borders of Israel, or even where their borders lie. All of that can be changed as a result of understanding the short video recently released by The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. By understanding the borders of Israel, the geographical makeup of the land, as well as the parties causing the rising tensions upon these borders, one can quickly gather the growing threat to Israel in today’s crises.
Israel is at the center of the turmoil in the Middle East. Israel may be small, but the God of Israel is much larger than the enemies of Israel. Seeing the unfolding of events in the Middle East brings to mind just two of the Prophetic Headlines that John Paul Jackson shared about the days that we are living in today. Israel says if Missiles hit Jerusalem, Mecca will be hit within minutes”, and “What other Secret Weapons Does Israel Have? – Has Israel Played all its Cards?” Don’t count Israel out. Not only watch Israel, but pray for Israel. Watch and see the astounding video regarding Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Golan Heights, The Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion Airport, Hezbollah, terrorism, destabilization, Hamas, Jihad, and Transportation. John and Steve shared in this segment.
Screen Capture from Youtube.com/TheJerusalemCenter


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