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Superintendent Goes Ballistic Over “Jesus Lunch” in the Park?


LISTEN NOW! One might not think that having a casual lunch in the park wouldn’t bring too much attention. But, when a mother organizes an event to provide a Jesus lunch for students, she is greeted by the school superintendent who promptly expresses his dissatisfaction towards the event. According to wnd, “Mothers in Middleton have been hosting a Jesus Lunch 16 times per year since 2014 in Fireman’s Park.” This particular gathering turned out to be different than all the others when the superintendent of the Middleton-Cross Plains School District promptly expressed, “We are asking you to allow our legal counsels to consider this together because this is certainly a question you contend is a First Amendment right”. One particular mother wasn’t swayed as she punctually responded with legal statements from her attorney and this bold reply; “We have permission from the city to rent it. So, whatever legal happenings have to take place, our lawyers can get together. But, you know what guys; we love being with these kids…you can keep that letter; we’re going to continue on and you can take it up with our lawyer. Thank you.”
These are the very statements from a superintendent that was voted for to be his place of leadership. It is encouraging to know that this mother had all their “ducks in a row” and was able to effectively respond to the situation. We all have to learn how to respond in situations like this. See the full exchange of what took place, and so much more. Also shared in segment: litigation, lawyers, Constitutional Rights, First Amendment, and lunch. Greg and John shared in this segment.
screen capture from wnd.com

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