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WATCH! Every Company has been Attacked?; The Malware in NSA Hacked?; Prophetic word from Kenneth Hagin and the Coming Revival



NSA Hacked by Shadow Power Brokers? Everything is Hacked by Everyone says Julian Assage

 Everyone seems to have a computer today. Whether it is a mobile device, an iPhone, a tablet or laptop, they are all accessible to the internet. Additionally, all of these are accessible to those who want access. When CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke with founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assage, he reveals, “Everything is hacked by everybody. If you’re a major company or a major political party, you end up getting hacked.” Considering the level of technology that our culture experiences, this is significant enough to take special notice.


Glenn Beck discussed the reality of hackers and the possibility of Russian hackers when he talks about shadow brokers. Reportedly, shadow brokers have claimed to have broken into the NSA and stolen malware. What is additionally concerning is that files are now being posted on the internet to be freely viewed. An additional list of files has not yet been released, but as Beck shares, ‘if they receive $1 Million in Bitcoin, which is equivalent to $550 Million, they will also release those on the internet.’ This is rather concerning. Glenn Beck asks a legitimate question through all of this. If these guys have the ability to not only hack into the NSA but also sell the malware, “who are we dealing with?” These ‘hackers’ are not simply asking for cash, but for Bitcoin which is an ‘untraceable currency’, according to Beck.


This is information that we must pay close attention to considering the rise of so many other red flags and concerns happening throughout America and the world. Now is the time to prepare. We cannot simply assume that our records are being kept online or through our banking institutions. John Paul Jackson prophesied that it is important that we have the ability to prove our financial records by keeping or printing payments or past invoices. The only thing worse than Russia possibly hacking the NSA is our leaders not responding to this as a bad thing. Get the full report by listening to the full interview, comments from Beck, the full conversation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: social media, technology, espionage, spy, bitcoins, currency, WikiLeaks, Goosifer 2.0, and hacking. Greg and John shared in this segment.



1963 Kenneth Hagin, Sr. Prophetic Word Regarding America: Darkness, Atheistic Communism, Race Riots, and the Coming Fire of GOD, Tongues of FIRE


When you see the many tensions that are being amplified and stirred up in America, these are events that we must take special note of. Things have not always been like this. When Kenneth Hagin, Sr. delivered a prophetic word in 1963, its implications have surprisingly accurate applications to the events of today. In this midst of what appears to be increasing chaos, God still has plans to bring about His own purposes.


As Hagin shares, he was taken high into the heavenlies by the Lord, and he could see the entire nation. As he was looking, he was then shown certain things happening over the nation. “For there came a dark hand from out of the ocean, from the East, even the Atlantic Ocean. It came up out of the sea as a hand and it rose up into the air and became a dark cloud; and it filled the whole atmosphere.” It was then that Hagin inquired of the Lord as to what exactly he was seeing. “That is the darkness of Atheistic Communism that is sweeping across the nation.”As Hagin was told, the liberties and freedoms in America that were experienced in the 60’s was the height that they would ever be experienced. The Lord continued to speak to Hagin, “This nation shall not grow more strong and Yee shall never have more liberty than Yee have now. The liberties that you’ve known, as you’ve seen them seized, shall be taken from you.” The Lord continued to speak to him, “Communistic inspired hatred among racists shall cause greater turmoil than your nation has seen here before. Yea, it is not the will of God, but men’s hearts are perverse. They walk without the love of God and seek to have their own way and so it shall be worse than you have seen.”


In desperation from what he was being shown, Hagin asked if there was only darkness and evil in the future of America. But there was hope to be seen. The Lord then directed him to look again at the nation of America. “So then I looked into the spirit realm and I saw falling [inaudible] a ball of fire. The closer to the Earth, the bigger it got; and then when it came to the Earth, it divided into small balls, or sparks of fire.” Hagin continues to share this encouraging word, “It fell upon men and I saw an army of men rise up; and it seemed as though their hands were fire, and they had upon their heads a tongue of fire.” The Lord spoke again about what Hagin was being shown. “Before the worst is to come and the day of darkness is coming, there shall be those who will carry the fullness of my truth and fire…for there is a work to be done first spiritually before the Lord shall come. Now, prepare Yee your hearts, for the time is at hand and the beginning is now.”


As we have said may times, both the worst of times and the best of times are upon us. God is preparing the hearts of men and bringing about the largest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. Now is the time that we are prepared and ready to be used by the Lord in this soon coming harvest. Be awakened and encouraged as you hear the full prophetic word from Kenneth Hagin, Sr., and so much more. Also shared in this segment: America, atheism, Communism, prophecy, end times, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Anointed Prophetic Message Preached by a Child: Is this the Beginning of the Harvest of Harvesters for God’s End Time Move of God?


 God is touching hearts and drawing people all over to Him. Children are being moved by God and touched mightily by him. When a young girl is given a microphone before a large crowd she holds nothing back as she begins to share what the Lord has revealed to her.


She opens by sharing, “Tonight, I’m gonna preach about receiving the blessing.” She continues by asking two simple questions, “How many of you guys know what an umbrella does? It blocks the rain from touching you. How many know what a funnel does? It receives the rain.” She elaborates as to what the rain is, “And the rain is the blessings.”


As she continues to talk about the rain, she speaks from 1 Kings 18:41, “I hear the abundance of rain” She emphasizes, “the rain won’t stop until you receive it” and shares a story of how she was praying for her neighbor. After she had prayed for him, he began to speak in tongues. “How do I stop?” he asked. Immediately she responded, “You can’t. That’s when you start laying your hands on other people and saving them and bringing them to the Kingdom of God.” This is what God is doing. The question is this. Do we want to be part of the new thing or the old thing?


God gave John Ramos a powerful vision of seeing a young girl praying for a line of people in a large auditorium. Initially, he had a casual response. But it was after the first few people were prayed for that he was greatly surprised. When about the 5th person was prayed for, the entire row of people all fell down under the power of God, and then the row behind them. As John continued to scan as far as he could see, people had fallen under the presence of God. This is what God is doing and desires to do among our young people. Be greatly encouraged as you see the very message shared from this young girl, John shared more about this vision, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Holy Spirit, the presence of God, and visions. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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