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President Elect Trump’s Contract with the American People


LISTEN NOW! As President Elect Trump counts down the days until he assumes the Presidency of the United States, he is beginning to compile his transition team that will help him get there. Additionally, he has also spelled out a contract with the American people that he will carry out in the first 100 days that he is in office.

President Elect Trump is quite candid and open about what he plans to do in these upcoming 100 days. Straight out of the gate, his contract states “Six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in Washington, DC”. When we see how recent events have been handled inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding state records and the usage of confidential files, we can obviously see that there is corruption in Washington. A generation of our active duty military and veterans can clearly testify to the Radical Islam that the current Administration refuses to acknowledge even exists. It’s beautiful to see that our law enforcement is once again being honored again as well.
President Elect Trump also highlights “seven actions to protect American workers”. One of the actions highlighted here is to “cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.” What is important to note about this issue is how global warming and climate change has been used as a tactic taught by “Rules for Radicalsto divide so many people. President Elect Trump is undoing the instrumental things that have been used to divide.
In his next points of action, the contract spells out “Five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law”. Our nation has presently been made vulnerable. Now, with a focus upon Constitutional law and an accurate interpretation and application of it, President Elect Trump plans to undo the very actions that were done under the leadership of the Obama Administration. Specifically, he spells this out in the first of the five actions: “cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.” As clear and refreshing as these actions are we must remember that our work is not over but simply just beginning. See the full discussion of this 100 day contract, more of the intricate events that this contract addresses, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: corruption, Whitehouse.gov, Yahoo, Middle East, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, 10thAmendment, bulldozer, Saudi Arabia, pollution, Radical Jihad, and Supreme Court Justices. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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