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Pastor Reaching Millennials with NetCast


LISTEN NOW! There are some that may perceive the Millennial generation to be lost as they are different from any other generation. It is so important to remember that God has not written them off as He has a plan for each one of them. This generation is not only hungry for authentic relationship but for a genuine encounter with God.
Pastor Matt Chewning has resolved to not only reach this generation but to powerfully impact them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is not only walking this out, he is watching God move mightily in their midst. What began with 20 people gathering in a gymnasium, he shares, “in the last year we’ve seen about 700 people come through the doors of Netcast Church. We’ve seen about 100 people gather together in 8 different community groups.” He also highlights how technology is reaching many of these. “In the last year, there’s been over 26,000 embeds, plays, downloads from our videos….our influence is growing like crazy.” As Pastor Chewning shares, they are not stopping. They are continuing to see God move powerfully.
It is so important that we do not give up on the millennial generation. We need to reach the unreached and not simply reach the reached. People just want to know how real and powerful God is. That is why we talk often about our stories, and how we encountered Jesus Christ. See the full story from Pastor Chewning, what is happening with NetCast Church, reaching out to the lost, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: evangelism, technology, testimonies, MeetMyFather, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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