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Home » WATCH! PROPHECY! Whose Side are You On + Medical Breakthroughs + West & Bieber Wrecking Ball to the Church

WATCH! PROPHECY! Whose Side are You On + Medical Breakthroughs + West & Bieber Wrecking Ball to the Church





PROPHECY! Whose Side are You On? God is Searching for those who are on His Side

As we enter full stride into the new year of 2020, it is vital that we choose the right source of where we get our information from. Just because the media is speaking doesn’t necessarily mean it is correct. What is God saying? Hank Kunneman recently shared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural what the Lord had shown him.

Hank was shown something moving very quickly upon the land of America. At first glance, he didn’t know what it was; until the Lord revealed it. What Hank was being shown was the foot of the Lord. “He hit the United States and He went harshly towards the left and moved it towards the right. And He said these words to me, “who is on the Lord’s side?”” Kunnemen continues to highlight the importance for us not to get caught up in mainstream media, and their many words about God’s established leadership. Instead we must believe and trust that God is working out His divine plan.

Kunneman also shared a vision that Lord had shown him where Kunneman saw the hands of the Lord coming to the United States. The hands of the Lord were bringing “a mission of mercy” to America, and that God had “great things for this Decade of Difference”. What is troubling to imagine is what Kunneman was shown next. Some people were rejecting what God was offering because they were focused on what the media was saying! Receiving and believing what God has is just the beginning. We also must understand what the two hands of the Lord represent. On the one hand, we must vote! On the other hand, we must believe God by aligning ourselves with the declarations of our prayers that what God has said is true AND it will come to pass! As Kunneman describes, “A lot of things are going to happen for God’s people and for the Earth that’s good, if we will get behind the Lord’s agenda”.

In America, we must soberly remind ourselves that the transitions of power that take place through elections are an anomaly to what most nations experience for there to be an exchange of power. Most nations experience war when leadership changes hands. Because we are not aware of this, we neglect the importance of voting. Elections are still rough, but Americans must vote!

Greg Lancaster was also shown a similar prophetic night vision similar to what Hank Kunneman was shown. In this particular vision, John Kilpatrick was prophesying in the marketplace. He was shouting these very words, “The enemy is going to come from the right! The enemy is going to come from the left…But we’re going to mow over the enemy!”.   It’s so exciting to see that the enemy of the Lord is going to be dealt with! Here is the question: whose side are we on? You don’t want to be an enemy of God when God is dealing with the enemy! The days of maybe are over. Today is the day that we must decide who we are going to follow, who we are going to believe, and who we are going to trust.

See the full vision that Hank Kunneman was shared by the Lord. Hear the full conversation about the important realities of the days that we are currently living in, as well as a powerful encounter that Greg Lancaster had seeing and encountering Jesus Christ Himself walking down the street. Also shared in this segment: Dutch Sheets, sheep and goat nations, spiritual giants, principalities, prophetic words, billion soul harvest, end time harvest, Sid Roth It’s Supernatural, President Donald Trump, Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Voting, Prayer, and Israel. Greg Lancaster shared in this segment.

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Medical Breakthroughs are Coming! – Hank Kunneman

Sometimes our environments can change so fast, and the speed at which things transform and increase can be so constant, that we can become numb and familiar to these ever-changing realities. No other generation upon the face of the Earth has experienced the amount of information that we presently experience every day. We are in the information age and it is only getting faster. In these ever-increasing changing days, God has His own advancements that He is going to make known. When Hank Kunneman recently shared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, he talked about some of the things that the Lord has shown him.

“We have already entered into the Revolution of Light…There is going to come a device that is going to be a bypass for bypass surgery, for your heart.” Kunneman continued to share, “God said, “a recovery of sight to the blind through this discovery of light; a reversal of blindness”. This is so exciting to see what God can do through technology. Amidst these great discoveries, keep Jesus Christ front and center of our hearts and not technology.

We cannot even imagine what the days ahead are going to be like. We are right in the middle of two Ages, transitioning from one to the other. Can you imagine what it would have been like for the generation who was used to daily life riding on horseback also witness the invention of the automobile and how life would forever be different? We are in a similar transition. The exciting truth to take hold of is that God is going to use this new technology to get His Word out to the nations of the world!  

God specifically showed John Kilpatrick some of the might wonders that would be done for the Kingdom through the internet and technology.

“The Lord said there is coming a great International Harvest of Souls through the internet and online. He said that the internet will light up as the Holy Spirit accelerates His mighty wonders. He also said the net and the lines will bring tremendous and miraculous provision to the Body of Christ because time is of the essence and the waters are abundant for harvest.”

This is that! So many prophetic words of encouragement are converging at this intersection of time and history. Also shared in this segment: prophetic words, prophecy, Sid Roth, Information Age, Agricultural Age, Industrial Age, heart surgery, medicine, John Kilpatrick, hope, and encouragement. Greg Lancaster shared in this segment.

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Are Kanye West and Justin Bieber God’s Wrecking Balls to the Church? Jeremiah Johnson Prophetic Word

We are living in exciting times and witnessing amazing works through the hands of the Lord as He brings the nations of the world to Himself. When Jeremiah Johnson recently shared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, he talked about a prophetic encounter the Lord gave him and how many people would be coming to Christ.

Johnson explains, “the Lord said to me “just as I have raised up Donald Trump as a wrecking ball to the political arena, so shall I raise up Kayne West as another wrecking ball to the religious arena”. As Johnson continues to describe this encounter from the Lord, he highlights how he saw 3 different people on the platform: President Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber. If that doesn’t get your attention, how the people responded surely will. Johnson continues, “as they began to speak to the crowd, it was at a church; it was a 50/50 split. And what I mean by that is that half of the Christians were enraged.” After seeing the response from the crowd, the Lord continued to speak to Johnson, “even as I have raised up Donald Trump, I’ll raise up Kanye West; I’ll raise up Justin Bieber to drive the religious spirit out of the Church.”

When the world witnessed Kanye West’s bold declaration for Christ as the media broadcasted more and more attention to his life change, the Lord again spoke to Johnson about what the Spirit of the Lord was doing. “I have given Kanye West as a gift to Donald Trump because he is going to win him votes in the African American community that he needs to win the 2020 election.” It is because of God’s angels shifting things at just the right time that we are witnessing the events upon the Earth that we are seeing. Kanye West recently released an album titled “Jesus is King”! God is moving!

When the Spirit of God moves mightily upon the land, winning hearts and bringing souls to Himself through Jesus, don’t be surprised when you see a religious spirit rising suddenly to attack and hinder people from coming to Christ. The exact same thing took place during Jesus’ ministry and it is still occurring today.

Have you been praying for your prodigal children? They once walked with God but have since gone astray! As Jeremiah Johnson recently shared when speaking with Sid Roth on It’s Supernatural, this is the year they are coming home!

“Your sons and daughters are going to come home in 2020. I feel a harvester anointing right now. I just prophesy to those watching right now who think their sons and daughters are too far gone, I declare the harvest is ripe and it’s ready. We’re ready for revival!”  Johnson continued to prophesy about what God is going to do to bring about a mighty harvest. “I want to prophesy Justin Bieber; he will be the next wrecking ball in the hands of the Lord.” Despite what someone may say or believe based on the past or what they believe to be impossible, Johnson continues to prophesy these encouraging words, “God is able, in 2020 to do immeasurably more than all we can ask for or imagine!”

Have you given up on your children? This is the year to believe again! This is the year that your children come to God! God is fulfilling things prophetically in the Earth! We must pay close attention to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying and to follow Jesus. Be encouraging and consumed with expectation as you see the whole conversation about what God is doing. Also shared in this segment: Jeremiah Johnson, prophecy, Sid Roth It’s Supernatural, salvation, the Kingdom of God, Kanye West, President Donald Trump, 2020 Presidential Election, Justin Bieber, Jesus is King album, government mountain, entertainment mountain, and spiritual warfare. Greg Lancaster shared in this segment.

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