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How Desperate are You?


Greg recounts a time when a young man that he had known from the past came knocking on his door at the midnight hour.  This young man wanted to come back to God after some extended time away from the Lord; he had been involved in drugs and lost everything including his previous marriage.  After some time the young man was baptized and Greg felt led of the Lord to hold this young man down longer than normal.  This young man began a time of restoration where God was blessing him and he began to take the credit for what God was doing in his life.  After some time this young man could no longer be reached he was away from God and away from his natural and spiritual family.  One night this same young man decided to rob a grocery store clerk.  He fired a shot at her and she fired back at him and they both ended up dead.   This is a tragic end to a young man who struggled with being in love with the world and with God.    You can’t love the world and God at the same time and think you will make it.   The church must be willing to go through something and not be tossed back and forth by everything that comes their way.  The only way to make it is to be desperate for God and turn from evil ways.

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