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VFNRadio Second Hour April 25, 2013



Final Pope is Here? Vatican says Alien god is Coming Part 6 of 10

Greg, Pat and Chris discuss the 6th part of 10 segments about how the Final Pope is Here?  The Vatican and aliens. Sid Roth continues the 6thpart of his interview with the author of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana, Thomas Horn. The authors Chris Puttnam and Thomas Horn write in their book Exo-Vaticana about how the Vatican has a very large interest in Extra Terrestrial life on other planets and are accommodating their theology. In this 6th part Thomas Horn continues to speak on the Vatican’s belief in extra-terrestrial life and how an alien God is coming to earth. Thomas Horn also shares his belief that alien abductions are actually very demonic and how they can be stopped through prayer and faith. He also shares of a personal experience in his family and how his sister suffered from alien abductions and how he helped her through them and lead her to the Lord. Greg shares that we are listening and measuring everything they are saying with the word of God. Jesus says in Matthew 24, it will be like the days of Noah.

The Fear of the Lord brings Order, Glory and Judgment

Pat and Greg discuss how the fear of the Lord brings order glory and judgment in our lives. Pat shares from the revelation he is receiving from the book, Fear of the Lord by John Bevere and reflects on the irreverence and lack of the fear of the Lord we see today in the church. He recounts a story in the bible where God gives the order to build the Tabernacle and gives the ability to all who are willing to go and build. And when they finished building the Tabernacle God’s glory came down in a cloud of smoke but the smoke was not his glory it only masked his glory because God’s presence alone can kill those who have sin in their heart. They go on to share how in Leviticus 10:1, Nadab and Abihu had offered profane fire before the Lord, which means it was out of order done in disrespect. Therefore that brought God’s judgment upon them and they died and God warned to not even mourn them. There is a fatal price of becoming familiar with God. Greg and Pat go on to share how many in the church and the world defame the name of God and how they’ve seen many suffer because of irreverence toward him. They share a couple of stories where one time a man came into one of their gatherings and the presence of the Lord was there and began to choke the man so he left. Another time similar thing happened but instead of leaving God’s presence the man fell down and began to confess his sins. God knows what’s in our hearts and Gen 6:5 says God saw that man’s heart was on evil all the time. They go on to share how we are designed for God’s presence and tell us not to be terrified of God but have reverential fear. God’s presence protects us and will lead us. God has the back of those who choose him.

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