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Home » Privacy in the Age of Big Data: “Everything online is Hackable,” author says

Privacy in the Age of Big Data: “Everything online is Hackable,” author says

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LISTEN NOW!  Greg, Pat and John, share a recent book regarding technology that reveals some realities that most aren’t aware of. Just a few of the realities that the authors make known is that 60% of people on search engines don’t go past the first page of search results; 90% don’t go past the first three pages of the search results. As the church, we should live our lives like everything is known. Choose not to live life based on what others find out because God already knows everything.  We should live a life that helps others understand “it is by grace are we saved” because Jesus Christ forgave us and will forgive them if they too make Jesus the Lord of their life; Christians are not sinless, they are forgiven.  Be encouraged as you find out how to live your life in the freedom of God’s sight upon you and so much more. Also shared in this segment: privacy, freedom, security, technology, Google, psychological profiles, and Target.
WATCH- Book TV’s Interview with Theodore Claypoole & Theresa Payton

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