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Home » The Gas Station of God; Avoiding Spiritual Burnout

The Gas Station of God; Avoiding Spiritual Burnout

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LISTEN NOW! Steve, Pat and John encourage us as they show how some people could be shocked that Marines can sleep for days at a time. It is because of rest that they are able to do what they are called to do on the front lines. There must be a time of resting, calmness, and relaxing, especially in Christ. We cannot simply stop doing; we must stop and rest in God. To continue to go without resting in God is like stopping on an empty tank of gas and then driving again without filling up your tank. They continue to share how similar that is to what happened in the life of Evangelist Evan Roberts, and the Welsh Revival. His greatest strength was his greatest weakness. Without resting, we are susceptible to attack. Be refreshed in this abiding moment, as you learn how to keep those falling moments from becoming captured moments, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: abiding, repose, religion, the Holy Spirit, Welsh Revival, The World on Fire, and God’s Generals. 

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