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Home » Operation Protective Edge: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to “Bring back the Quiet” Time Frame “As long as it takes”

Operation Protective Edge: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to “Bring back the Quiet” Time Frame “As long as it takes”

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve continue the conversation about the recent happenings of Israel and the conflict with the Gaza Strip. Unwaveringly, the voice of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained unshaken as he continually stands in defense of Israel’s peace and safety. Amidst global pressure regarding the war with Gaza, there is no sign of slowing down until complete peace in Israel is restored. Since the fighting has begun, 32 tunnels have been found by the Israeli Defense Forces, reportedly costing as much as $3 Million each. Weapon caches are continually being found throughout Gaza. According to Politico Now, White House Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, has stated that “you can’t condone the killing of all of these innocent children.” It has been reported by the Prime Minister of Israel, that Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields. Also, Hamas is using homes, schools, and mosques as locations to not only store weapon caches, but also to fire at Israeli troops from these locations. When Israel is simply responding in defense of itself, she is being accused of war crimes by the United Nations. There appears to be a one sided narrative against Israel no matter what happens. It is important as the Church, not to get caught up in the narrative, but to keep an Israeli perspective about what is happening. Find out the details of what is happening, the hope of how to respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, IDF, tunnels, Hamas, Israel Defense Forces, Operation Protective Edge, human shields, Fox News, Valerie Jarrett, and prayer.


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