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Home » The Need for Reporting the WHOLE Story in Israel and Gaza Conflict

The Need for Reporting the WHOLE Story in Israel and Gaza Conflict


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share a recent update from Avi Mizrachi and Dugit Ministries. As Avi is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, he has experienced first-hand, living out the realities of incoming rocket fire and the protection of bomb shelters. In a recent letter, Avi asks for prayers for God to protect lives on both sides of the border. This is the perspective about our realities that we need: how to love our enemies rightfully, with wisdom.

When someone is watching a particular network, regardless if its ABC, NBC, or Disney, it’s important to remember that it’s a corporation; run not by the individuals seen, but by the neighbors to your left and right who own stock in that particular corporation. The news anchors that are seen on daily television, their job is simply this: to read what is on the teleprompter. If we focus all our attention on the newscaster, we missed it.

In a recent CBN article, a reality is highlighted of the one sided media coverage of the Israeli Gaza conflict. Consistently, audiences view 2 images: Israeli fighters, and Palestinian casualties. Reporters in Gaza have reported they have indeed seen Hamas fighter but if a camera is pointed towards Hamas militants, they would be shot and killed. No one is excusing the Palestinian civilians. It is a travesty. Hamas must be able to be questioned directly about their activities, and what buildings they are firing from.

With the repeated disasters happening around the world, over and over, one can only take so much. We need a light perspective, a hopeful perspective of what is occurring across the globe. This is the purpose that VFNtv and the Daily Radio Program seek to be and to provide. God is speaking to the nations and calling creation back to Him. God has made known and revealed that it’s going to be a physical battle. If we turn our faces to God, and seek His wisdom to help us repent and walk righteously, God can stop all that we’re seeing. Be encouraged, that amidst the darkness across the globe, God is raising a standard, a light, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Avi Mizrachi, Tel Aviv, Israel, media networks, hope, repentance, and prayer.  WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


Media War: Hamas’ Take-No-Prisoners PR Campaign
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