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WATCH! Former FBI Agent John Guandolo educating about Sharia Islam; Has every state been invaded by Radical Islam?



Are we already in World War III; The Rule of Law and The Role of Citizens Understanding the Jihadi Generation a Discussion with John Guandolo, Former FBI Agent and Terrorism Expert Part 2

The educational and informational discussion with former FBI Special Agent and terrorism expert, John Guandolo, continues. It appears that our leadership is more concerned with not offending Muslims then simply telling the truth. Where is the peaceful version of Islam? And why do our leaders not know these truths? As the questioning begins, Guandolo shares a sobering perspective that highlights the reality of where we are in the West; “Part of it is ignorance, but part of it, you know, is the destruction of reason and logical thought.” As Guandolo humorously puts it, “Two plus two equals four, but there are people that would argue, ‘ya know, that’s not always true.’ No, actually that’s always true.”


This is important to understand. As Christians, we believe that God’s law, the Bible, is always true and that is not up for debate. There is an order to the universe. There is good and there is bad. Simply put. Contrary to what some may be speaking, these are not “One God Three Abrahamic faiths”. This is false. Guandolo brings instant clarity with these few statements, ‘What Mohammed said was, ‘I’ve been commanded to kill the Jews.’, and Mohammed said that ‘Jesus will return and say to the people, The Muslims, that he will break the Cross, cast all Christians into hell, for not believing Islam…and will kill all the Jews.’ How can this be true when compared to the words of Jesus in Matthew 3:17 “…This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Jesus also said in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” As Guandolo simply expresses, “This is not a theology lesson, this is a logic 101 lesson.”


As we look at the terrorist attacks that have taken place in America and the world, it is imperative that we view these events through the eyes of what Sharia Law teaches.  The Muslims that are killed in terrorist events are viewed as martyrs in Islamic Law. This is how Sharia Law views the events of 9/11. This is why an Islamic Jihadi can easily pass a polygraph test when asked questions such as, “Are you a terrorist? Are you aware of any terrorism plots? Do you know other terrorists?” If the one being tested had plans to detonate a building the next day, they would pass; because Muslims do not see themselves as terrorists, but Jihadist. Guandolo continues to explain. “They are waging a Jihad because Allah commands and Sharia enshrines from the Quran, and the example the prophet Mohammed, that when you have the strength and the ability to wage Jihad, you must wage Jihad.” While America was focused on the Cold War, Islam was building infrastructure and their wealth through oil. This highlights why we see the rise of “terrorism” in the 1970’s. Islam had now gained the strength and ability to wage Jihad.


As we see a growing number of “Sharia Compliant Countries” in the world, there is a massively growing threat. “So where you draw the line in the sand here…is anyone who obeys, complies with Sharia and seeks to impose it on others, they are a threat.” It doesn’t matter what Islamic group one may be referring to; ISIS, or Hamas, or al-Qaeda, even mosques and Islamic schools, Guandolo explains what they all have in common; “they seek to establish a Caliphate under Sharia”. Our law enforcement officers are being shot at point-blank range, in the name of Islam and our elected leaders are responding that it has nothing to do with Islam. Guandolo simply states, “That is a psychological disconnect from reality.” It is imperative that we understand the language of Jihad.


It is because we do not understand the Islamic perspective of Islam that we are unsuspectingly allowing these actions to take place. Guandolo shares his perspective by stating, “I don’t recall in Scripture anywhere that Jesus told us that we’re supposed to be morons.” He continues to encourage others, “We are called to be soft-hearted but not soft-minded.” But with this, he expresses valuable wisdom, “Jesus never said to bring the lambs into the pen with the wolves and then tell the lambs that those wolves are other lambs. That’s what we’re doing and that’s what the Church, many Church leaders are doing.” If one were to bring in a Muslim leader to talk to the Church, it is imperative to teach the Church what Islam teaches FIRST before bringing the Muslim leader in. Essentially, this is the knowledge that Muslims teach other Muslims when Christians are not around. Guandolo reminds the audience, “It’s a capital crime in Islam for a Muslim to teach another Muslim something that’s not true about Islam.” Guandolo continues, “If this is true, then you teach that to the Flock, and then you bring the Muslim leaders in.”


In order to better understand the teachings of Islam, Guandolo addresses the importance of learning when the Islamic Calendar started. Guandolo shares about the timeline of Islamic beginnings, when Mohammed traveled to Medina to share the revelations he received to Jewish scholars that he was the new prophet. “Islam teaches, in the first 6 or 7 years, Mohammed only converts 6 people.” He continues to share that in Mohammed’s next 13 years only 200 people converted to Islam. The difference comes when Mohammed is called to Medina and leaves Mecca, known as the Hijra in Islam; “He gets called up there to become a military, political ruler. He raises an army. He gains many, many converts to Islam and then he goes back and sacks Mecca…He becomes a warlord, a warring leader.” It is at this moment, after the transition from Mecca to Medina. Guandolo details the importance of understanding these timelines;


“The Islamic Calendar begins at the Hijra: the movement from Mecca to Medina. In the first thirteen years of Islam, there is no Jihad; and all the revelations in the Quran…in Mecca are all abrogated, or overruled, by those that then get revealed in Medina; and all Islamic Law only comes from what was revealed in Medina which is where we get Jihad. So all these other ‘peaceful verses’, they’re out.”

Presently, as Guandolo shares, the Islamic Movement is focused on educating the Muslim world to the teachings of Islam. Once this is complete then they’re focus will be turned towards the West and Europe. “When they make that turn towards the West, you’ll know it. You want to know why there’s not more attacks in Europe and the West, is because they are not focused on you.” Just as the Hijra brought about a new Islam, from Mecca to Medina, we are seeing a similar mass movement of Muslims in the Earth today. Guandolo shares this perspective of the Muslim immigration that is currently happening; “You are watching it be replayed, with the Hijra, the movement of Muslims into new lands to conquer them. This refugee crisis is not a refugee crisis. Islam calls these people the Muhajirun and what they’re doing to be migrating to the West, that is a form of Jihad.”


With all of these topics, it is important to remember what the founding document of America is. As Guandolo shares, it is not the Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence. It is in this document that states these words, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our founders clearly understood these beliefs and the truth that we are not compelled to abide by laws that contradict these truths. It is the Rule of Law that comes from this foundation. As Guandolo explains, “out of the Rule of Law, you have a society that there is freedom, you have liberty, and out of liberty comes prosperity. And so you get, in the United States of America, the most prosperous nation in the history of the world, the longest standing Constitutional Republic. Why? Because the founders founded it on the Law of Nature and Nature’s God. You pull that out, the prosperity goes with it.”

Truth of the matter is this: we cannot come simply through knowledge. By sharing logic to one that has a blinded mind will only cause frustration. John 1:5
states, “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”We are seeing our leaders with blinded minds. The best response is to shed the light of the Gospel so that those in darkness can see. See the full discussion to see more of what John Guandolo shares about what is taking place within our government, how to see events through the eyes of Sharia Law, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



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