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LISTEN NOW! As the final days of this Presidential Election is now only days away, the importance of understanding the power of this moment couldn’t be understated. There are many topics and subjects that are being talked about and discussed, but an important truth to remember, is the very essence of the power that is wielded by the one who will be eventually elected to the office of the Commander in Chief. Some may not know the actual details of the power that is available to the President of the United States. History.com reveals some of the power that is held in this position.

At the onset, some may understand the obvious; residing in the White House, and overseeing America’s population of over 300 million, but it is much more in depth. The President not only oversees the five different branches of the military, but also “decides where troops are stationed, where ships are sent, and how weapons will be used.” Additionally, there are over 1 million active troops, and another 1 million troops in reserve status that respond to the commands of the President. On an international level, “The U.S. gives nearly $50 billion in foreign aid to more than 180 countries around the world.”Not exactly your everyday 9-5 job. The question though is how exactly one gets the position of the President of the United States?

Some may assume that voting is strictly based on the numbers and that majority rules. But what about the states that have larger populations versus those with much smaller ones? This is exactly what America’s founders were concerned about and specifically addressed in the U.S. Constitution. This takes us to the understanding of the Electoral College. Prager University does an outstanding job making clear what some may not already know. “The President and Vice President of the United States are not chosen by a nationwide, popular vote of the American people; rather, they are chosen by 538 electors”. There are two Senators for every state, regardless of the population within the state, and there are a certain number of representatives based on the size of the state.

Looking more specifically at the Electoral College, its broken down into two phases: the 51 popular elections that are held in each state and D.C., and the second phase is between the 538 electors. The first is in November, and the second, in December. As Prager University shares, “the system encourages coalition-building and national campaigning.” That way, a Presidential Candidate cannot focus on just one state, they must be mindful of every state. Most importantly, “…it protects against the tyranny of the majority…”

With a general overview of just how important the role of the President is we can see more and more just how important voting is. Some have said that the President of the United States is the most important job in the world, but in reality, voting is the most important job in the world because you get to decide who will be the one that gets to delegate and control all of this power. Be deeply informed about the role of the President, encouraged in your responsibility to vote, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Presidential races, the Constitution, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, government, voting, and freedoms. Greg shared in this segment.
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