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Mark of Beast, Click here to accept

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the emerging economy and the mark of the beast. The Bible tells us that only those who accept this mark will be able to buy and sell.  Some have said that they would never take the mark of the beast.  Greg shares how a panel of board members discusses the people who write all of the “terms of agreement” that people see when they download software on their computer and many digital products and services.  The terms of agreement that speaks of terms of use, indemnity, and use of data.  He goes on to share that the panel discussed that they know that most people just click I Agree.  Most are giving permission for companies to store all their data.  They go on to share that it can be seen how one day in those terms of agreement that most people don’t read that many will accept and agree to a statement that says you agree to buy this product and that you will not buy or sell without taking this mark.  Most are so trained just to click I Agree and because you agreed you will be held accountable to the agreement.
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