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Home » The 4th Amendment; Why it is still Important?

The 4th Amendment; Why it is still Important?


LISTEN NOW! In this original intent of America moment, John shares about the 4th Amendment and a recent article by Judge Napolitano on   They discuss how the 4th Amendment was not just a good idea but was wisdom from what the colonist suffered under the King of Britain.  They discussed from Judge Napolitano’s article how the King was looking for new ways to get revenue from the colonists, he instituted the Stamp Act.  The act required that on every piece of paper in the homes of every colonist there must appear a stamp issued and purchased from the British government.  The way the King was able to know if the stamps were actually placed on the items was to allow British soldiers to write their own search warrants.  No right to privacy at all.   John and Pat continue to discuss how the Senate today is allegedly examining a set of proposals according to  These proposals involve possible seizure of all digital data and even key strokes as they are being executed without a search warrant and the other is an alternate proposal that will protect all digital data from government seizure by requiring a search warrant.  They also remind us how important it is to know the constitution and to appreciate and stand for the rights it affords us that came at a huge price from others.


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