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Home » Food in America; How Fragile is it? Does 2% produce the food for 98%?

Food in America; How Fragile is it? Does 2% produce the food for 98%?

by P Habich

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss food in America and discuss how fragile it is in view to America’s response to God.  They discuss a recent program John watched called “America Revealed”, in which the program was designed to reveal what is happening in America in regards to food mainly how it is grown.  The program is designed to highlight the blessed abundance of how food is grown and harvested but John continues to discuss how he saw it as a great vulnerability in light of America turning away from God.   They discuss how 60 years ago going out for dinner was a rare thing Americans did and when they did go out to dine it was for special occasions.  Today all that has changed necessitating the need to produce more food is to keep up with America’s consumption.  Even the cost of water is 50 percent of one farmers cost.   Many food items found in our grocery stores today travel thousands of miles.  Today it takes just 2 percent of America’s 
population to produce food for 98 percent.  
        – 2% of America’s population to produce food for 98 percent.

Because of comodities trading, i.e. purchasing futures on the stock market for projected foods that will be grown by our farmers it gives an approximately 2 year lag in feeling dramatic changes in food prices which will only happen if there is sustain projectory in change of food prices.  This means that Americans can be hit hard and the cost of food go so high that it could significantly change the way the nation lives our lives, but it will take two years before we’d knew this had happened because of futures trading on the U. S. Stock Market. (1)

– 2 Years, after shortage, is how long it could take before Americans would know we have significant food shortage and high prices.

All of this is occurring while many in the church are not honoring God.  This is not a sign of American strength but rather a sign of America’s vulnerability since it has become a nation who has left and turned away from following God.  It doesn’t take much for that 2% to be affected causing America to be humbled wondering where has all the food gone.  We need to cry out to God and ask for His mercy.  We can’t be prepared for what is coming unless the church repents.  Just like God used Joseph to be prepared you too can abide with God and hear for His leading and directing. 


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