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Home » Don’t Panic – DISASTER! BUT this is what it’s going to take to Bring in the Harvest

Don’t Panic – DISASTER! BUT this is what it’s going to take to Bring in the Harvest

by Yacobinski
LISTEN NOW! Greg, Steve, and Pat discuss the importance of not panicking; there are going to be some hard times but it will be necessary in order to bring in the harvest.  They further discuss the prophetic dream Steve received where he found himself in the dream driving down a road only to find out that there were dead animals all over the road.  It was very chaotic and his vehicle did not have brakes so he had to weave in and out as to not hit the dead animals on the road.  Eventually he came to an intersection in which he had to make a turn.  He made a hard turn and then he was able to make a phone call to Greg who then told him “don’t panic this is what it’s going to take to bring in the harvest.”  He also confirmed with him if he had his 90 days of food preparation for the tough times that lie ahead.  They further discuss how we have a rough future in store for us in light of continual policies that are anti –Israel most recently forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek help from Russia.  Today every time you board an airplane the stewardess shares several instructions that are important to follow most important is to first put an oxygen mask on yourself first and then the child.  The concept is that you can’t begin to help anybody if you yourself can’t breathe.  In the same way we have shared wisdom with others about securing food for themselves and families so that when hard times do come at that moment their lives can be in investing in people and not staying on a “cheese” line for help.  This nation is about to look up into the light and when it does it will result in a huge harvest where many people will have given their hearts to Jesus.  They continue to encourage us not to panic but know that these things have to come but you can prepare yourself.  They share how they have seen stadiums filled with people who are hungry for God.  Now more than ever they underscore the importance of making sure that you know the one that you profess and that he, Jesus, knows you.  There is a huge difference between religion and relationship.  They remind us that many today are wanting a genuine experience with God they are just waiting for Christians to share with them their personal testimony of how they accepted Jesus.


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