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Home » Getting Free from a Binding Religious Spirit; Next Step for the American Church

Getting Free from a Binding Religious Spirit; Next Step for the American Church


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat as they discuss getting free from a religious spirit.  They continue to discuss how the religious spirit is one of the toughest things the church has to contend with.  However, Jesus came to set us free.  There are people in the church that want to do a whole lot of things in the name of God except hear from God.   This is the same spirit Jesus had to contend with when he walked the face of the earth.  The religious spirit of the day actually thought they were right.  This spirit responds in a critical way when rebuked.  A religious spirit has taken over someone when they can respond and criticize and be judgmental of others who are doing something for God while they do nothing.  If you are doing something for God and you listen to that spirit and entertain what is being communicated what you are doing for God can be snuffed out.  They point there finger saying you should do this and that and assume places of authority all the while they don’t lift a finger to help.  They continue to discuss how this same religious spirit was at work when Smith Wigglesworth wrote a letter to a college administration regarding the power of God and the miracles that were taking place and they mailed it back circling all of his grammatical errors.  They further discuss that you have a religious spirit when you can wear cross earrings and dress in a way that exposes your private body parts to the world.  You have a religious spirit when you are concerned with “doing church” and have no regard for the fruit, souls, and the truth.  They further discuss the  many ways the religious spirit can manifest in someone’s life all the while minimizing and or flat out ignore the word of God, “doing church” with no emphasis on truly “being” the church.  They discuss how a religious spirit focuses on not saying certain curse words while they are living the curse words out with no problem even to the detriment of their children as they watch their parent’s contradictory lifestyle.   You are confusing people.  You say you are for God but your actions line up with those of Lucifer.  America and the church are bound by a religious spirit and if this doesn’t faze you, you too may be bound by the same spirit.  You alone will be responsible for your own life.  They further discuss the prophetic word given by prophet Bob Jones regarding how God’s prophets will be bringing purity to the message that is being preached.  The Lord is calling forth a mature remnant and he alone is able to set you free from a religious spirit.  Speak wisdom to the mature and they encourage us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith and if we indeed know the Jesus we profess, then abide, and get discipled.  Promotion is coming to those who abide.  

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