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Home » Forecasters Predicting the Approaching of a Catastrophic Winter Storm headed for the South

Forecasters Predicting the Approaching of a Catastrophic Winter Storm headed for the South

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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss how forecasters are predicting a catastrophic winter storm is headed for the South.  They continued to discuss how many governors have already declared a state of emergency for their respective states.  They further discuss how many states are taking this storm very seriously especially since it has only been two weeks since the last winter storm to strike the South.  According to CBN “One hundred million Americans from the deep South to the mid-Atlantic are preparing again for extreme weather. Forecasters say snow and ice could cripple cities and endanger lives.  Ice is the big concern. It could bring widespread power outages, especially in the southern states where so many trees and limbs hang over power lines.”  They further discuss how much of what we are seeing in the weather has a lot to do with the prophetic word from John Paul Jackson first delivered in 2008 called the Perfect Storm.  They encourage us to watch and to pray for those in the affected areas and to reach out to neighbors and friends and minister to people’s needs during these tough and challenging times.  


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