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Home » Preparing Your Heart for the Coming Move of God

Preparing Your Heart for the Coming Move of God

by Steidl

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss the importance of preparing our hearts for the coming move of God.  Many have been praying and believing for Revival and even a third great awakening but they continue to discuss some of the realities that are present when God blesses us with a move of God. They continue to share from personal experience as well as from what they have read in previous moves of God the by- product of such a move.  When God invades earth, one by product of his drawing near is his abiding presence and all of what that means; signs, wonders, miracles, healings, salvations deliverances and so much more.  Another by product are large crowds and with the large crowds also comes finances as people want to give towards the continuance of such a move to reach more people.  They challenge us by asking us if we can continue to pray for revival even if there is chance that we will not be used in it.  One of the things that we must watch out for is for any bitter envy and selfish ambition left unchecked because it will harbor in our hearts.  James 3 discusses the two kinds of wisdom that are available to us in the world today.  First, wisdom is rooted and grounded in humility and the other is rooted in earthly, unspiritual and even entrenched in demonic devils. We must know in our hearts that revival is not about us but about God and what He wants to do to His people.  He will do what He wants, with whom He wants, where He wants and how He wants because the only thing that matters is his will.  However, for those who think it’s about them they will be sadly mistaken and have the potential to be used by the enemy to bring division, discord and every evil practice during a time that is meant to bring great joy, blessing, and revival.  They caution us to take note now for when God moves the only place you want to be is right in the middle of it understanding that it’s all about Him. 


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