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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Academic Assignments that Encourage Students to Sing Jihadist Fight Song and Create ISIS Recruiting Posters: Should this be Happening?

Academic Assignments that Encourage Students to Sing Jihadist Fight Song and Create ISIS Recruiting Posters: Should this be Happening?


LISTEN NOW! As some have said the age old deceptive lie of “that will never happen here”, are now coming face to face with the reality that what “could never happen” is in fact, happening. Considering the tragic murders and persecution that is being carried out by the hands of ISIS Islamic Jihadists, the homework assignments in America that are reportedly being given to students are simply shocking. When a child is given lyrics of a fight song to recite, one would perceive it to be of a favorite school, or sports team. Not in this situation. As a mother, Nichole Negron was greatly concerned when her child brought home the lyrics of “Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion, like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one god, but they can make an explosion.” The lyrics were reportedly written by the teacher and then presented to the students. According to Anaheim’s CBSLA, the lyrics don’t stop there. The chorus reads, “And all those things they have to say, Islam…Allah’s on the way, they will preach them loud tonight? Can you hear their voice this time?” After personally addressing the local school board with her concerns, a statement of apology was given by the school board.  Where is the outcry?

Another assignment was to design a propaganda poster for a terrorist organization. According to the teacher at Utah’s Salem Junior High School, the assignment was “to help them understand how propaganda can mislead people…to help students understand the goals of terrorist groups and the methods they use to gain support.” What would happen if the similar assignments were passed to students about teachings and values of Jesus Christ?

We must examine ourselves. Are we engaged; or are we deceiving ourselves to the obvious signs of the rising waters of darkness and persecution in America? What we are witnessing in America is the similar activities of Psychological Operations (PsyOps) that are carried out in combat environments in order to break down and divide opposing forces. Be informed and educated about what is taking place right now in the schools that kids are attending every day, what we must do, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: values, Constitution, education, teachers, light, love, PsyOps, Psychological Operations, Marines, Fallujah, and education. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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