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WATCH! Brussels Attacked with Terrorism; and Brigitte Gabriel’s Amazing Testimony



Empathizing with Belgium While Maintaining Open Eyes and a Discerning Heart for America

 The world is once again shaken to the core as terrorism has struck once again. This time in the Belgian city of Brussels. Our hearts are broken and our prayers go out to everyone that has been effected by this horrifying atrocity of evil. According to developing reports of this terrorist attack, more than 30 people are confirmed to have been killed, and over 200 have been injured.


When CBN’s Dale Hurd interviewed regarding these events, he shares about his perspective as the “Jihadi Barracks of Europe”. He continues to express that “it’s been a welcome home for extremists for years”. Commenting from his experience, reporting on the rise of terrorism in Europe, he shares, “Security has been so lax there. It’s a very easy target.” He continues to share, “After the Paris attacks, the governments in Europe talked about the threat from the Middle East, from ISIS. The threat was already in Europe.”


Some are concerned trying to understand what the strategy is behind all of this. Hurd brings immediate clarity to this matter when he states, “It isn’t a strategy. You know, the right strategy would be what a terrorist told me in Belgium four years ago. Which is ‘were going to have a lot of children and simply take over the country that way’. Blowing up people is not a strategy. We as Christians know that it’s a blood sacrifice to Allah. This is a spiritual service that they are doing when they blow themselves up…”


Kamal Saleem has shared that according to the United States Border Patrol there are over ‘450,000 known terrorists that have come over the border into America, targeting not only Americans, but the church.’ If one is commenting on the dangers that are looming in Europe, we are naïve to think that this same threat is not validly present in America.


Rick Joyner has expressed equal concern and his thoughts regarding these rising threats. When speaking about the growing European threat, Joyner writes, “Europe is wide open for such attacks now because of two flawed policies that are looking increasingly naïve for these times: 1) their open border policy, 2) the attempt at multi-culturalism that allows Islamic enclaves that are basically “self-governing” but are now looking much more like big “Trojan horses…”


Hearing these words highlights much of the present realities that are being experienced in America. Joyner continues, “We can expect these attacks to increase, hitting cities in multiple places at once for maximum impact. The U.S. is the most prized of all targets for Islamic terrorists, and we have been made the most vulnerable by our own government policies that have failed to protect our borders.”


Regardless of what occurs, our trust and protection must not be in a military, a policy, or any government, but in the will of God and His Son Jesus Christ. If one is being consumed with dread and worry, then it highlights that our trust is being wrongly applied. Hear this full report of what has taken place in Belgium, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; Radical Islam, Rick Joyner, suicide bombers, ISIS, European Union, Open Door Policy, San Bernardino, and peace. John and Steve shared in this segment.

Brigitte Gabriel shares a Possible Prophetic Sign of what Awaits America if the Borders Remain Porous and there is no Repentance


 Hearing someone speak from personal experience brings powerful stories and insightful perspectives. Founder, President, and CEO of ‘ACT! For America’, Brigitte Gabriel has been an outspoken voice against the rising Islamic Terrorism in the world. Raised as a Christian in Lebanon, she experienced this terrorism first hand and has lived to tell others about it. She was recently on the Jim Bakker Show sharing her personal testimony.


At the time of Gabriel’s childhood, she enjoyed a prosperous life that included private school and a chauffeur that took her to and from school. What many may not be aware of, as Gabriel shares, “Muslims used to send their children to our country (Lebanon) to get educated because we had built the best universities in the Middle East. They graduated and then worked in our economy.” At some point, a transition in the makeup of the nation began to occur. Gabriel continues, “As the Muslims became the majority and we became the minority simply because of the way they multiply. We started our country as majority Christian, over 67% Christians…”  This change in the makeup of the nation not only changed the demographics but also Gabriel’s own reality.


“The beginning of what they call ‘The Civil War in Lebanon’ started at a church when a Muslim radical Palestinian walked into a church service on a Sunday morning and started shooting at worshippers.” It was during this war that bombs fell on Gabriel’s own home and she had to live with her family in a shelter in order to survive. “In order to get water, we would crawl under sniper’s bullets because we were surrounded by Muslim snipers shooting at us.” She continues, “My mother and I would say our last goodbyes because we did not know if we were going to come back alive or dead just to get a drink of water.”


This shocking lifestyle continued on for more than three years. As a young teenager, Gabriel didn’t want to die at such a young age. She shares how her and her family responded. “I ended up dressing in my Sunday best, my Easter dress, because I wanted to look pretty when I am dead, knowing that when they come to slaughter me, there would be no one to bury me.”


It was in this desperate and broken state that her father read from the Scriptures and spoke out Psalm 23 over the family and began to pray. You will be surprised to know who it was that ended up rescuing Brigitte and her family, and the army that responded to this wartime crisis. Hear the full story from Brigitte Gabriel
, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; Westernization, Yasser Arafat, carbon monoxide poisoning, Radical Islam, and prayer. John and Steve shared in this segment.

Secretary of State John Kerry says ISIS Committed Genocide against Christians; An Encouraging Sign Giving Displaced Christians of the Region Hope of Returning One Day


 After much pressure to respond to the growing persecution against Christians throughout the world, Secretary of State John Kerry has given a recent statement regarding the matter. “In my judgment Daesh is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control, including Yazidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims.” CBN’s Jennifer Wishon responds to Kerry’s statement, “It’s a critical first step towards protecting Christians from ISIS and other Islamic Radicals in Iraq and Syria.” Who is Daesh? It’s the very acronym for the Jihadist Army. ISIS. Its Jihad. Hear the full report of the persecution that is taking place, what is happening to Christians around the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Obama Administration, Middle East, extermination, and faith. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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