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WATCH! Why Jerusalem cannot be Divided; “If we touch Jerusalem, America will be divided” says Pastor John Kilpatrick



Dividing Jerusalem Will Never Bring Peace and If United States is Involved America will Physically Split in Two Along the New Madrid Fault

There are many international voices that tout the idea of a divided Jerusalem as being the very option that would bring peace to the Middle East. Not only is Israel a centerpiece to the region of the Middle East, it is also the centerpiece to the world. When CBN talked with Chaim Silberstein, he not only gave an in depth perspective of Jerusalem, but also the diverse population that make ups the city’s populous.


Reportedly, there has been no other city in the world that has been conquered as Jerusalem has. Yet, internationally, the world has yet to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. When Israel was recognized as a sovereign state in 1967 after the 6-Day War, with Jerusalem as its capital, it was then that Palestinians touted that Jerusalem was their land. “It was only when the Israelis liberated Jerusalem in 67’ that they changed that because they needed to get us out. So they then created this idea that they wanted a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.”


With the continual tension between Arabs and Jews in the region, it remains the single most important location to many people groups. As the dialogue looks more closely at the makeup of Jerusalem, they highlight how Jerusalem is traditionally viewed with a “Western Jerusalem” and a “Eastern Jerusalem”. “The newer western city is primarily Jewish. The older eastern section stretches from north to south. The majority of the city’s Arabs live there, but so do an almost equal number of Jewish Israelis.” This highlights the rising confusion as to why so many want to ‘divide’ Jerusalem. When presented with this question of dividing Jerusalem is even a possibility, he responds, “I think that would be a disaster of historic proportions, and a huge mistake; because dividing up Jerusalem will create the exact opposite effect of peace.”


When we take an even closer look at the demographic makeup of the city, we see a tightly integrated populous of Arabs and Jews living side by side. Bringing up the previously mentioned ‘east/west’ line in Jerusalem, Silberstein reveals this important truth, “If we would cut off Jerusalem and say everything to the left of this line would be Palestine, 90,000 Jews living in these neighborhoods would find themselves living in Palestine.” In response, Silberstein is presented with this question, “How can you divide them when they are so integrated?” Without pause, Silberstein states, “That is a rhetorical question.”


The implications of a divided Jerusalem will bring dire devastation to any nation that has its hands involved in the process. As Pastor John Kilpatrick, from Church of His Presence, shares a dream that he was given from the Lord, with Jim Bakker, he details not only what he was shown but also what he saw. In the dream he was shown a perspective above a river near his house, “Suddenly, the river was out of sight and you couldn’t see the bank of the river at all. And then the scene changed and I was taken to an old ancient school house…and my teeth were clapping so hard, I couldn’t clamp my teeth tight enough to keep them from clapping, cause the Earth was quaking.” Without being sure of what was going on, he then saw an old map with the cities of Indianola and Europa on it. After additional research, he learned that these cities could be superimposed upon the New Madrid Fault Line.


After realizing the significance of the fault line, Pastor Kilpatrick then realized the implications of what the Lord was showing him. In his own words he then continues, “What I believe I saw, when that river went out of sight, is I believe the Great Lakes was busted loose and the waters started draining down and I believe the Gulf waters started draining up.” Not only did he consider the national implications, but also how this vision related to international events. “What I felt in my spirit, and I can’t prove this, I just felt in my spirit, I felt like the Lord was saying to me, if they divide Jerusalem, if America has a hand….in dividing Jerusalem…I will divide America.”


We must continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel. We must continue to pray for the leadership of America, that we would not have any hand in seeking to divide Jerusalem. Hear the full report to get a closer look inside the city of Jerusalem, the effects upon seeking to divide Jerusalem, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, Palestinian State, 1967 war, State of Israel, Jordan, King Saul, King David, crisis, and humility. John and Steve shared in this segment.



The Amazing Story of Pocahontas ‘Conversion’ to Christianity and the Power of the Bible to Provide Real Answers to Any Situation and Circumstance You Will Ever Face


One of the last words that Jesus gave to His disciples was the Great Commission as chronicled in Matthew 28:19-20, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” In order to be true to what the Lord expects of us as His disciples, we must be aware of what His teachings are. Today, with the focus of simply saying a prayer, it appears that discipleship is not as high of a priority as it was to the early Church. When we look back at the history of America, and those that came to Christ, we may be surprised as to how often a simple prayer was offered up.


One particular story is the journey of Pocahontas. The very moment that she decided to be baptized in Jesus Christ is memorialized in a painting that hangs in the United States Capitol Rotunda. The image seen in the Rotunda brings a visualization to what took place in the middle of the story. This was not the moment she decided to become a Christian. As David Barton shares, “She came to them a year before and said, ‘I want to be become a Christian.’” She was told no. Again pressing she said yes. Again in response, she was told no, “What you need to do is read through the Bible for a year, see if your willing to live that lifestyle. You study that for a year and see if you want to commit to that lifestyle because if you’re going to become a Christian then that’s what you’re going to have to do is live by the Book.” As Barton continues, those responding to Pocahontas continued their explanation; “So, we’ll talk to you in a year after you’ve read the Book for a while and see if you really want to do this.” The image seen in the Capitol building Rotunda is that decision being made a year later.


What is additionally revealing is what causes her to make her next decision. Because of this extended time spent in the Scriptures, she notices how the names of people are changed once they encounter God. She did not want to be recognized as Pocahontas, but as ‘Rebecca”. Barton highlights the importance of this historic fact. “Interesting, the concept was, ‘you want to come to Christ? Study the Book for a while and see if you really want to do this, cause you can’t be a disciple unless you really want to take up your cross daily and follow Him.’” Barton doesn’t stop with the surprising story involving Pocahontas/Rebecca, he also shares insightful facts about the stories of well-known individuals such as D.L. Moody, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, George Whitfield, and Charles Finney. The reality is this, “the Great Commission is not about salvation, it is about discipleship.”

When we begin to spend time daily with the Lord, it is amazing what the Lord will reveal to us in the depths of His Word and the whisper of His voice. Barton shares about another historic individual, Matthew Maury. Possibly unknown to most, the very reason for what he is known for was birthed while spending time with the Lord. He is known as the Father of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography. You will be greatly encouraged and stirred in your faith to hear from the Lord when you see the two verses that were revealed to Maury.


God has so many awesome and wonderful mysteries and revelations of wisdom that He is wanting to make known to each of us. Spending time with the Lord is not as hard as religion makes it out to be. By simply spending time with Him, abiding with Him, each and every day, we begin to become more like Him. Allow your faith to be stirred and lifted up as you see the full story of so many in our history, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Sinner’s Prayer, discipleship, counting the cost, The Great Commission, sacrifice, obedience, Navy, naval ships, jet streams, ocean currents, and relationship. John and Steve shared in this segment.


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