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You are Called to Be a GAME CHANGER in Society! Right Where You Live, Work, and Play: Kingdom Impact


LISTEN NOW! When we think of the word “game changer”, we understand that everything is new; nothing is as it was. Every single person in The Body of Christ is called to be a Game Changer. God has called us to go out into ALL of the world and make disciples. Where ever we find ourselves in our everyday life, we can be making an impact for The Kingdom.

Founder and Director of Jesus Culture, Banning Liebscher, recently shared about we can see all of ourselves as a Game Changer. In order to see ourselves as one, we have to understand what exactly it is. We can look throughout the lives of those described in the Bible and see how the Lord used them to change the very situations that they were a part of. Liebscher emphasizes, “I believe that God is raising up a generation that He is sending into cities and nations, and I think the game is about to change in the nations of the Earth because of who God is raising up.” When we think of these powerful statements, our present mindsets within the Church think that one can only impact the Kingdom when standing behind a pulpit. This is simply not true.

Liebscher shakes many mindsets as he emphasizes his perspective of leadership within the Church; “I believe that 100% of believers are called to change the world. Leadership at its core is influence, and everyone is called to influence.” This is so empowering! No longer does one have to wait to attain a particular position in order to influence someone. How are you influencing those the Lord has placed around you right now? 

If we want to change the world, the question is, how do we go about this? Liebscher shares additional wisdom. “If everybody is called to change the world, the reality is, that 97% of people won’t do it from behind a pulpit.” We have to understand that we can change the world by changing the world that is around us. Whether that is in the boardroom, it’s on the playing field, or even if it’s as a stay-at-home mom.  “You have to change the mindset of people. You’ve got to shift things. Again, we have somehow downplayed the call to lead in business, the call to lead in education; the call to lead in the home, the call to lead on the factory floor; the call to lead in medicine.” These are the very mindsets that we must begin to recognize as important and vital if we are to bring a Kingdom influence into the world.

No longer should we be focused on how many people are coming to our particular gatherings every week, but quite the opposite. Liebscher asks this revealing question, “How many people are you sending every week?” He continues to share, “If you influence young people inside the church walls, the majority, the heavy majority of those people are called to lead outside the church walls.” These are such thought provoking truths!


If we abide with The Lord, He will speak to us. It is this relationship that empowers us to bring The Kingdom where ever we go. That is exactly what took place in the life of Daniel. Daniel was in a business environment and ended up being the second in command over an entire nation because of his Kingdom influence.

God desires to release this insight to you. Whether it is a business idea that radically transforms the business model, or the very key that greatly impacts the bottom line of a particular business. When you spend time abiding with The Lord, the possibilities are endless. Hear the full interview about Game Changers, how we must change our current mindsets of leadership, what it means to bring Kingdom influence in your sphere of influence, VFN Kingdom Business, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: government, culture, Arts & Entertainment, Education, business, media, family, religion, ministry, calling, preachers, nurse practitioners, athletes, nations, leadership, revivalist, discipleship, The 7 Mountains, and abiding. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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